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Friday, July 15, 2011

100th POST!


The past two weeks have been non-stop work....yes, I worked the entire weekend too. Saturday and Sunday...but now....

I'm OFF...woohoo.

To start off, I'm going to share my lastest jam with like how I say, judge me. :p

I know it's an old song but sometimes, when a song resurfaces, that's when I actually start to like it...

U need to see me dancing to it...haha...hilarious.
and then singing it....chai!



I've finally thought of what topic to use as my 100th post cuz for some reason, it's a pretty big deal to me. and I do remember saying this would be a giveaway post too. woohoo.

Apparently my last giveaway wasn't so easy, so I'd make this one much much easier.

The prizes would be:

1. iTunes, $15 gift card
2. Forever21, $25 gift card
3. Redeeming Love, My favourite book.

I hope this is fun for all and not too tough...let's not think about my very petty gifts much but join in the "fun".

So I woke up this morning and the first thing I said was a prayer about a guy (which brought me to tears). I had originally planned on revealing the entire story to you but...I figured, maybe not, not yet.

This prayer spiraled into several thoughts as I rushed getting ready for work. Amongst which was my blog and the very much anticipated "100th post". Alas, I had finally come up with the perfect game. I'd say a brief story on my fave best meet/date (subconsciously inspired by the 4aces) with one of my crushes to give you an idea and I'd like you to do the same. Send in your post to me and I'd put it up. The person with the most comments gets whichever one of the above prizes.

Here goes...

I had been talking to a certain guy for months now, but we never actually met. Well, I shouldn't say we never met, we had previously, but we never spoke. He was sorta invisible to me, being a senior at my high school, by about three grades, it just wasn't even fathomed. *not in a demeaning or superior way though*

Well along the way, about 7 years after or much more, a high school friend links us up on bbm. Of course she asks me first and I'm like, sure. I didn't have anything to lose anyway, plus I'm quite the friendly type. We kept talking about everything and anything but it was really all on a friendly note. As time progressed, we were speaking longer and I guess one would say things took a different turn. I had said to myself, I was going to be friends with every guy I was speaking to that year, JUST FRIENDS and I wasn't going to let any connection/chemistry/charm rule over my choice.


Christmas time was drawing near and the rents had planned on seeing their baby for the holiday and of course, I was to do all the research and then tell them the price. Along the way I came across this "cheap" flight that routed through my "new friends'" city/country *blush*. Told him about it and well both of us were bursting with hidden excitement of the possibilities. #weirdos....*sigh*

Trust there to be bumps along the way. Well well, we fought and that changed plans n we reconciled just before I bought the ticket. I personally had prayed that if I wasn't meant to see this dude, things shouldn't work out. LO and BEHOLD....when my parents went to pay they got a $300 discounted ticket...things were going better than planned....


ok..lets just jump to the day. [ My new CRUSH's bday = flight date....ghen ghen...ghen, ghen]

I teased him about not bringing a gift for him but two weeks prior, during our fight, I had mailed it and the post office mentioned it taking one month, so I prepared my mind. Surprisingly his gift(s) arrived on the morning of his birthday. Of course he bbm-ed me wondering how I did it...meanwyl...I was on my end wondering how it happened but replying him with "I'm sleek like that answers"

Finally started rushing for the airport only to get there and wait, all in the name of, "Sorry ma'am your flight has been delayed till further notice".

this is me: "Chai...I get IN-TA-na-shunal flight toh catch o #igboaccent, plus...some serious meet and greet plans at my stop-over"...but then again...I had said my prayers, "Lord, if this shouldn't happen, delay me"

My flight made it there just in time...for the meet but no layover.

LANDED. Msged him asap..."I'm here, are you here" We had discussed the awkwardness of the meet and how to act. I told him to turn around as soon as he makes eye contact with me and I'd head over to him so we're not staring at ourselves for the distance....#toomuchtohandle.

Went over to baggage claim in that very jaku jaku, airport...not too my luggage and then headed out.

Of course all the Jamaican taxi drivers wanted to drag me into their little cabs but I foresaw my chariot with my prince awaiting my

As soon as I saw him...

la la la #singing....*fanning self* sent an instant BBM to Happy Feet before I crossed the street. "Chai, he's so cute"

of course we blushed back and forth on the chat and then I crossed to meet him like nothing had

We drove to my terminal immediately, cuz my flight was just about to leave.

I went in, he went to park, came back in...walked me till he couldn't go further.
Hugged me.
Thanked me.

Pecked was unexpected and too cute. I thot about it, probably for as long as I was over with the fam for Christmas.


So yea, that's the idea.
It doesn't have to be as long as mine. I can't wait to see what you turn in.

Please turn something in...pleeeez.

p.s: I thought of the cutest proposal this morning. I'd share later....muaah!


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