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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Single Spouse

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a hawt minute. Please accept my sincere apologies.


"He just lay there silent, still and calm, he left with nothing...he left them all for me. The empire we built, is all left for the kids and I. If we were to live for 3 more centuries, we would still have left over. The dream we dreamt, I can't live alone...The places we were to see wouldn't be worth seeing alone. To take someone along would be deficient of the vital emotions. My wonder now is what the point of living to work and not living to love, in love and enjoying my love all the days he was the mornings we rushed out with barely a goodbye kiss, over the weekends we stayed home separately busy....all I've had is 3 months of retirement and now he's gone...I would trade this wealth if my heart were here to live the last days with me"

"useless wealth!"

On Monday, a woman walked into the bank with $40,000+ in taxes to pay because of her capital gains on the house she just sold. It doesn't take a genius to realise how much she had actually made in gains. Btw for non-business folk, capital gains is taxed on 50%, not the full yea, she got mucho I was staring at her portfolio so I knew she was rich instantly.

Along the way, we got talking about her hubby, and she mentioned that he passed away 5 years ago. She also chipped in that the $40k she was paying was really just money, it may seem large but all the hype of cash and buying stuff don't matter to her anymore. The gamble/the rush/the distractions of life are really a mere waste of time, especially since she watched her hubby leave with none of it.

I've come to terms with the hype of life and the loss of focus on the things that truly matter but at that moment I thought of the interest or should I say, the longing for someone to share life's most beautiful moments with only to eventually get married and then lose him. The worst is when you lose the person you waited so long for very early in life...

To have spent 60 years of the best part of your life with the love of your life and then to lose that person, then what? For a moment, life becomes totally meaningless and most people really don't want to spend a second longer on earth. A few others reminisce with thoughts of "whyl he was here, I had the best life ever, I knew what it meant for love to be personified, the only stories I have to tell are all good"

It truly is a gift to understand and appreciate the moments we have with the ones we love, no matter how long they might last because they really don't last that long.

When I'm given the chance to love, I would love with all that it takes. 2 minutes from now could be my last breath or his last breath. Death is certain but the uncertainty of its timing is why life should be priceless.

Goodnight luvz


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