Friday, March 23, 2012

The Antidote

soooo...ladies and gents.

I think I sorta have some sorta kinda good news.

If you've been following my love life story, here's the latest break through. I am certain that some of you would be like, "na wa, this babe", some others, "halleluyah"...

HAHAHA...I know what you're thinking, "finally...", "finally she's said something", "he's finally made a move"

Lol. Stop with all the "finally" assumptions.

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that it is none of the above. All assumptions are WRONG.

Anywaiz, so there's this guy I started talking to some time towards the end of last year. It was all professional and business related but it has evolved to a little more than I had originally intended.

Well I had no intentions but yea.

We've been talking all day every day but we've still been able to maintain our busy schedules. He's the sweetest, seriously. LOL.

I know I describe almost everyone like this but, what can I say, I'm a magnet for sweet guys, but somehow I have managed to repel a solid relationship...*sigh*...infact, *very deep sigh*.

I've been thinking about pulling back from this new guy, but he's really helping me get over the other guy, and I think I might have a new crush *covers face*

I enjoy talking to him and being the early stages of getting to know someone, y'all know how fabulous that can be.

Anywaiz, I've got the antidote, *whoop whoop*

I feel some sort of relief and I'm enjoying the moment, trying not to over analyze things. Heaven only knows what God has planned.


6 CrushTHOTs:

@ilola said...

Hmm, lets see if this new crush materializes into something.

lovelife4sale said...

sounds like a Bad idea, using a new Crush to get over the Old Crush, until you have the same kind of feelings for the new Crush that you had for your Old Crush and you are back to Square 1, looking for another new Crush to get over this current new Crush.... this is Definitely a Bad IDEA.

TheRustGeek said...

Well.. share the details when they fully develop sha...

stephanie. said...

i think you really have to ask yourself if you like him genuinely or if this is about not having to feel the weight of your last relationship. we've all been there and ik i've done that a few times w/o really knowing i was and it always turns out bad.

Toinlicious said...

Well, u did mention you have the antidote so enjoy then :)

Blessing said...

Someone has been keeping gisting o...glad that ur movin on hun!

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