Monday, March 26, 2012

Addressed Concerns + Appreciation

Hey all,

I got a chance to read through all your very concerned comments. I've got to say, "I LOVE YOU". You're actually thinking about the aftermath, if there is an aftermath, what the consequences are, if this is good for me, how good this is for me etc.

A lotta concerns and joys. Nice. Thanks

To address a few concerns, I'm definitely not using this guy, that's for sure. I've met other guys since my previous crush but they didn't get my attention. Not only that, you'd remember that I mentioned not making use of guys I know are interested in me as distractions in one of my much older posts. I did that in 2010, to get over Mr. Ex, remember? it's just cruel!

This new guy is still NEW. I think we'd call him, "honey" I don't have to make sentences like, "this new guy is still NEW"

It's official, I really like him and I'm scared to let myself feel what I feel, I keep over thinking it. I called my mum up this morning, or rather she called me up and we were gisting about how I felt. It's sorta like I'm afraid to like, love, or whatever you might call it. I don't want to make a mistake or put myself in a situation where I get hurt.

I'm guessing to crush, is to take up a challenge on the possibilites of whatever might evolve...but...I don't want to allow myself to feel exposed.

I've taken it to GOD several times and it's going to be a daily prayer as it has always been.

Unlike my immediate ex crush. He has already expressed how he feels, we've decided to take baby steps and let things grow. If it's meant to be, it'll work out and if it's not, it had better shamble before I get too close to bleed.

Lemme know what you're thinking, I really value your opinions, I need a voice of reason. Ask questions in the comment box and they would all be addressed in my next post

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Unveilinggold said...

*Deep Sigh* One step at a time.Like Ginger will say, it feel good to know how each other feel, that way you are able to think straight. Take your time and keep praying :) I am going through the same thing which I blogged about.

@ilola said...

Its good to take it slow, like you are doing

Toinlicious said...

Yea, I think one step at a time & lotsa prayers

Blessing said...

You're going about it the right way babes...
I'd just say don't allow fear to paralyze you...yes be wise and definitely pray but if you're afraid...the devil can use that to against you...

Don't go further until you hear from God specifically...and allow yourself to be liked deserve it!!!

Wooohooo...I'm happy for you boo....

Myne Whitman said...

I always like a guy who knows what he wants and says so on time too. Wising you guys the best.

H said...

Thx ladies.
I will take it slow and keep praying. Say GOOD prayers for me too :D

HoneyDame said...

Remember, worst case scenario, it wont work out....What have u to lose if you try it out that you cant replenish? Remember what I said about being a to yourself here?

I am all for taking baby steps o...don't be afraid and dont be overly cynical...
((hugs)) and best of luck

BBB said...

Buut still, let your self go honey
let go
because you will never be sure
you'd never fully know
its the risk we take
sometimes you have to rust a little
and when it is rewarded positively, its the most beautiful feeling

cee said...

The fear of the unknown... Sometimes i wish relationships were as easy as a math textbook with the answers at the back, so i'll know if my latest *crush* tallies with the one at the back of the book *sighs*. Our God has all the answers, so I'll add you to my prayers :)!

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