Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Bucket List

As I walked down the aisle, I didn't notice the 690 guests I had invited. My gorgeous Vera Wang dress just seemed to almost float on my body. The crystals in my fresh lilies didn't phase me anymore and neither did the canary yellow aisle decor I had raved about all month.

All I noticed was that young fine man, I was about to pledge my life to. (The one who had asked me to marry him even after gaining a wealth of knowledge on my obscene past. The one who had studied my good and bad habits for 4 years plus...the one who gathered up the courage to invent such a magical proposal for a mere me...I wasn't sure I was worthy and weirdly he had mentioned how unworthy of me, he was. It just didn't add up)

He stood there in a distinguishly fitted suit, immaculate rich sacramento state glossy green tie and that bright smile, I die for every si.....ngle time. As I stared at him, my mind travelled into those eyes and I made a vow from my heart. I saw myself sitting in my bedazzled-sweet-heart boob-poofed-up wedding dress in a garden thinking up my bucket list.

I will cook till my hubby is full...ill, upset, whatever the mood....he would be fed by me, no maids unless we are eating out.
I will launder his clothes
I will satisfy every desire within my power, contributing opinion, intellect while still in obedience to my hubby as "olowo ori mi"
His mum will be my mum, his dad, my dad, his siblings my siblings.
I will forgive even when it hurts to let go and I will apologize in the early stages of an offense.
I will remind him of how much I love him
I will give him his space and avoid every glaring necessity to nag, but I will remind as softly as I can.
I will keep our business, OUR business
I will avoid letting anyone know my hubbys weaknesses, faults.
I will pamper his ego and keep him reminded that he is the man.

These things I must do, before I help me God

...and then I snapped out of the garden...I had gotten to the end of the aisle, when my dad handed me over to my dream.

At this point my eyes were crystalized, I hadn't realized I was almost crying from being overwhelmed by such amazing love...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The A-B-C's of luvn


Long time eh?
I'm such an infrequent blogger these days, it's sorta good and bad.

I'd like to take a moment to thank God that I do not have as much time to blog as I use to, only because that meant that I was really jobless (unemployed).

I'd like to thank God for keeping me unemployed for that bit, so as to introduce me to a world of beauty that may not be face-to-face but might as well be, YOU.

I'm glad we met.
I know it sounds really cheesy, but honestly, having a blog and meeting soo many people with such great views and countless ways of a blessing.

that I can vent, I feel your comfort from miles away, is worth being grateful for.


I was talking to Blessing sometime last week about the fact that I have not kissed for a while now and I miss it. lol. *covers face*
Sounds silly? but I do.
Is it so wrong that I feel sorta "kiss deprived" if I might say?

That's an honest question and I want to know what you think.
I'm not going around wishing/attempting to kiss every man I see as a result of desperation, I am not desperate. I just miss it. lol

this is another reason, I feel my prince shud come and come quick, ko to so me di were (before he turns me into a mad person), but God knows best...I will wait :D

I've asked God to keep me in check and he's been doing a fantabulous job so far.


As I was getting ready for work, I realized that I don't even remember how to be in a relationship.

How do relationships work?

I feel like it's been soo long and I've sorta developed this routine for me. Happy Feet says, "you of all people"....Me of all people ko, me of all people ni. lol

Well, she is right to say that when it does happen, everything would fall into place as they always have and I'd know what to do. Plus me being the person that I am, tryna accommodate people, I really shouldn't have a problem lovingly fixing someone into my life, right?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Blogger

Hi Chikas and Senors....I missed you.
I've attempted to blog countless times but....let's not even go into excuses.

I just wanted to say that my friend Bengs at lovelife4sale, invited me to blog on his blog...Here's the read.

Should be blogging here sooner than later, God willing. Right now I just have to head to bed cuz of my EXTREMELY early start tomorrow...It's going to be like this all week :'(

I luv u!


Friday, October 7, 2011

the MINGLING Single

*currently blogging from work* - If they catch
feeling like a gangsta nau...haha...sneaking up doing "illegitimate stuff"

ME, I don't love being single oooo....lool. Sometimes it's gud, most times, I miss having a man, my man..u know?

  • Since the last time I blogged, I've been ridiculously busy.

  • I've added about 5 - 8 new followers, I was soo excited, I started freaking out... maybe they clicked follow on the wrong blog by mistake and when they realize they'd soon unfollow

  • Blessing and I are on BBM, woohoo...we unveiled our identities...haha...too funny.

  • I'm still in my learning to love me ALL by myself, without wondering what my crush is thinking...HMMPH!

  • I'm hosting thanksgiving at my apartment...yaaay...I'm having a party...pretty excited.

  • I've gotten internet and cable at home

It all started when he said, "I love you even with all your faults and if I
had 24 months left to live I'd make sure every second is spent with you

At that moment, I knew I had found one of my most treasured, most priceless

From the mini moment above, I bet everyone in their right mind would be willing to wait for a man or woman that sees them that way.

  • You add a few pounds he warns you about it in away that says "you're beautiful"

  • You make a huge mistake, he walks you through and out of it in a way that says, "I'm here even in down times"

  • You cry and he comforts you in presence and in words, "when you're sad, I'm sad, when you cry, we cry"

....I will wait for you!

....soooo while I'm waiting, I will enjoy I kuku like to enjoy myself. I will mingle when possible, travel when feasible, laugh as much as I can. Hang out, watch movies, go to church. Live life to the fullest.

God forbid, I die tomorrow and the story of why my "life video" is playing dull moments is because I was sitting in a corner hoping Mr. right will notice me...kai, God
I'm hoping to blog more often cuz I've finally gotten my internet issue situated...yaaay.
On the down side, my webcam is broken, time for a new lappy...*sigh*...kudi no dey o...but God will provide...AMEN??

#kisses* mwwwaaaaaaaaaah


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