Friday, August 19, 2011

Am I still forgivable?

My darlyns, my luvies, my sweerats, my swerriepies...forgive me for I have sinned again. I would soon stop apologizing for my very sporadic, inconsistent updates...because I'm sure it would become the norm quite sooner than later.

No new excuses...all the same as the last
E jo e ma binu (Pls don't be upset)

Sooo....what's new? what's new?
Well for starters, today is my bday...yaaay

I've been receiving calls, messages, voice notes since 12am. It's a glorious thing to have so many friends and family members that stress themselves to wish you well, to pray for you and just celebrate with you. Even blogsville has shown some love, I still donno how Femi found out it was my birthday but it was cute of him to dedicate a post to me. Someone is leaking my anonymity, I'm still on the lookout for who...but thanks again Femi, that was very kind.

I've also gotten quite a number of calls and texts from guys who have liked me in the past, those I haven't spoken to in ages and current ones which was definitely blushworthy. Obviously as expected the guy I myt, I said myt o, have a mini, super, duper, itsy almost bitsy crush on, didn't even remember but then again, life goes on.

I'm extremely glad and thankful. I originally hadn't planned to do anything today which would be a first but my dad kinda sorta talked me into it so I guess I'm having a mini party and I can wear one of my favouritest newest dresses, lol...I love dressing up.

I'd like to thank God for adding on to my life another complete year of health, favour, mercy...He has truly been good to me. He definitely has my best interests at heart and for this and much more I am grateful.

God has been good, he has been kind, he has been there even when I didn't deserve him. AMAZING!!!


So about this prince gist that y'all are enjoying soo much...of which I am quite glad, lemme update you.

If you are just joining, here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and this is part 5...and this is all my personal story, not fiction)

New year came and passed by, not a word from Mr. Prince. I attempted to message him only to find out that he was no longer on my bbm. Later I tried twitter, then I found out he wasn't following me any longer.

Oh my ... gaaaawwwwsh...I was maaadd.

Like what the hell?

Is this how you sort things out? is this how you leave things?
I immediately gave him a call...after my inquiries of why and what? he said, he figured I wouldn't want to speak to him again after that...and of course my sharp mouth replied, "r u the one who would make that decision for me? or u just decided you won't want to speak to me again?"

Anywaiz I said, that's not how things work and I said goodbye, hung up and let my hot head calm down a bit before I finally slept off.

2 days later, I buzzed him on skype and raked about how ridiculous what had gone down was and how un-called for it was to act that way...bla bla bla...after our back and forth bickering, I had somehow managed to mellow it down a bit and we started laughing

I asked him to try to remain friends, friends close enough to share wassup with the latest chic or bloak, lol...he said, "I don't think I can handle hearing about that yet"...

as time went on we spoke once in a while, probably once a week, then 2ce a week. I sent him a PIN (a bbm email typa msg) since I had his pin saved on my contact list and he PINNED me back.

4 days later after 2 pins prior he decided to add me back to his I saw the request I blushed. haha...I crack myself up.

As time went on, we were back to our regular pace of keeping in touch then it wound down when he met a girl. She was artsy and everything he had asked for. I'd keep his personal life out of this and head back to my portion of this relationship.

Let's just say in late April, I was there visiting him...and yes, we were JUST FRIENDS...sure!
haha...well I asked my friends to come along, they did...oh, I love those girls...:). He met us at our hotel and decided to take us out for dinner.

He was the absolute cutest. He brought his friend over as well...the dinner was lovely, we sat there laughing and gisting, pretty much just having a great time. This was at about 10/11pm, might I add.

He asked what we wanted to do since the night was still young, but being that we don't club, and had just flown in, we were pretty much exhausted and decided to head home. They took us back and hung out with us till about 3am. His second friend joined in and we all argued, laughed and chilled, till it was time to send them home, since they seemed to be wide awake...STILL!...*sigh*

That evening as my girlfriends were saying, "he's nice, he's cool peoples", he was bbm-ing me with the same message. I blushed inside and out, way too glad that they liked themselves btw, I didn't ask either of them, they just spoke their minds at that same point in time. To cut the looong story very short, that vacay was awesome and I was sad as the time to leave drew near...we hadn't defined what we were and just couldn't because I wouldn't date a non-christian just because we click so well, also my intentions when I date is to work on a relationship that could lead to marriage.

Now you see why nothing ever happened even though we really wanted it to. An agnostic and a christian would eventually bump heads in the long run, let's face bitter facts. It's not even a "compromisable" issue...quite sadly.

the story goes on....

to cut it shorter, we still speak a lot, he has been dating which I don't mind because it's easier for me to deal with the fact that we can only be friends. Truth be told, he's a pretty awesome guy...but then again circumstances have a strong impact on the next steps right?

Monday, August 8, 2011

The hotel that led to...

If you are just joining, here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and this is part 4...and this is all my personal story, not fiction)

...I hugged him, asked if he had eaten or rather if he was hungry...he hadn't so we went down for breakfast. He got his food, ate and we took some upstairs.

At this point we gisted...

and well to cut the long story short. We got into a fight.

AWEEEsome...just what I needed. *sigh*
He started wearing his shoes, in an attempt to leave and of course, I being the 'outspoken' person that I am, I just couldn't take it.

I responded to his actions, "so you're just going to wear your shoes and leave?"
Him: "what do you want me to do?"
"Are you kidding me? you're not going to stay and try to sort things out?"

He removed the one foot and turned to look at me.
Him: "H, what are we doing here?"

cuz I had refused to date him and we just seemed to be getting closer. I honestly couldn't decide what this was, and I bet you're as confused as we both were that day

I was just plain 'ol pissed...He's wearing his shoes, shoo...*hiss*

We eventually sorted it out but surprisingly I said something that ticked him off about an hour know I sound like I'm trouble, I really am not. At the end of this series, you might see the bigger picture.

We fell asleep (me lying on a pillow which was conveniently placed on against his side), when we woke up, would you believe this boy asked me, "H, what happened before I fell asleep, I know I was pissed, what made me upset, now that's not the silly funny part. I actually reminded him what I did to piss him he actually got mad AGGGAAAAIIIN. O_o

Anywaiz, it was time to take me to the airport, and as usual, I was mad that he was mad. Yea, I get like that sometimes. I got myself and stuff together, while he looked through my camera and deleted the only picture I had of him....arrrggggh...I was anggggrrry...but I calmed myself down. I know he doesn't like pictures, but he could have just left that one for me, right? NO!.

We checked out, I pulled my luggage to the car.
We drove in silence.
He pointed out the place he was going to take me to for the suya I craved badly.

I looked, "oh-ed" and that was it..
We got to the airport.
I stepped out
Got my luggage out of his trunk.
Went back to the passenger window, asked if he was coming out...He said he left his wallet at home so there was no money for parking. I didn't care what his excuse was, whether his face looked innocent or not...I knew he just wanted to leave at that point...

Well of course, that made me upset some more...
I walked in, checked in.


took off.
Cried a bit till I slept off..I didn't even enjoy the so called first My sadness couldn't tell the difference at that point.


Got home,
Cried a bit more.

Nxt day,
cried some more.
slept pretty much all day.

Day after,
cried a tad bit more.
contemplated going for the crossover service...esp. since my eyes were red and swollen. I finally got in...Everyone welcomed me back, asked me why my eyes were swollen and if I had a made them believe whatever they had chosen. The flu won as a viable answer as they all made their deduction...then my ex who had refused to speak to me since forever came over to welcome me into the new year...

IHOP to...

Hi my darlyns, please don't be mad at me...I've been soo busy, I had intended on posting the continuation that night but so many things happened. I was tired, had work bright and early...

In short, I'm sorry...for the break in gist transmission
(Part 1, Part 2...this is part 3)

On the plus side, I got a new job, two levels higher and I would be moving to a new city. This is likely to mess with my blogging because of the transition and stress that is potentially involved. Prior to that, I would try to keep you all updated as often as possible.

...what did I get in the end? regular pancakes and some bacon strips *sigh*. He was like, after all, that's all I want? Am I sure?...

yes, :)

He ordered for himself and family...apparently we were taking some home.
I thought that was very thoughtful, cuz we could easily have just eaten there and cleaned our mouths...but then again I think we had decided to 'take out'. He can be very generous but he doesn't know it. I think that's definitely a plus.

Once the order was placed, I unconsciously started my happy food Then he asked, "whats that? a happy food dance?" I hardly get embarrassed, so I owned up immediately, "yes :D"


Of course we relaxed and chatted a bit before our food came.
He paid and we headed out.

While he was paying, I held the bags of food. As soon as we headed out, I gave them to him and he looked at me like, "ahn ahn..."

and I said, "ehn hehn..."

lol...he took the bags from me and then we argued over who and why he should carry the bags...cuz on impulse I had automatically handed the bags over as if, "Hey, boy...gba"

It wasn't intentional, for me it was just the norm. o_O.

There was snow all over and the floors were icy, so I grabbed on to his thick manly arms and he held my hand tight enough that I wouldn't fall. It was the cutest thing.

We got into the car and headed home. I met his aunt, lil sis and mum...then we had breakfast on their dining table. Of course it felt a little awkward cuz his mum was in the kitchen making moi-moi and cracking jokes with him at the same time, but I adjusted within seconds, well kinda sorta...

Their relationship (he and his mum) is sooo cute. Trust me I wasn't blushing over the pancakes, it was definitely the two of them...and the cutest part is that he's a leftie, watching him eat in a very not obvious way added to the attraction. DON'T JUDGE

We were finally done eating. I washed the dishes well after the "are you sure?'s" that this boy almost killed me ki ni big deal? then we went to his room to spend my next couple of hours, well at this point we pretty much had only an hour and a half left together before heading back to the airport.

He hadn't showered so he left me with the remote to search for something to watch, showered and then came back. I think I was almost falling asleep at this point though...don't quite remember. When he got back he flipped through the channels and found nothing...then resulted to netflix for a movie..

Of course we argued over what to watch. He wanted this, I wanted that. Then we struck a deal. I'd watch a few minutes of Amelie and if I don't like it, we can change it.
Scene one: I was like, ki re? I don't like it. well in my head, cuz I didn't want to be obnoxious, just in case it was just that scene
Scene two: Mr. Prince, na so so nudity all over the place. Jo oh..let's just jejely change it. I don't mind PG

he was like, "noo, just those scenes"

Scene three: NUUUUDIiiiTY....oya, tenk you very much.

In my mind I'm like I ain't fena be in this room alone with you so that our hormones would be boucing all over the place till we both give in to iranu.

Theeen...we changed it to Bounty Hunter.

10 mins in His mum knocks and follows up with opening the door. We were on his chair facing the tv and watching a movie....thank God. What if I was the type that was all for pre-marital sex and I felt that since I hadn't seen this guy in soo long, it would pay to get groovy. I mean what if a million things, that could have made me look cheap and disrespectful were going on in his room. I would have disliked myself that's for sure.

I respect his mum though, because I'm fena do that if my son brings a girl into his room. Whether 24 or 29 years old. I'd knock and open almost then again, I might feel scarred for life though...

So his mum came to drop off a letter for him, I received it and handed it over.

In about 20 mins, we left for the airport.
He dropped me off

Went to park.

Came back in and stayed with me on the line...only for me to find out that I was running late AGGGAAAIN and I had to hug and leave. He waited till I was out of his sight, before he left...that was cute but I queried him later that he wasn't out of my sight, "what if something happened and I had to come back" I guess I just didn't want him to have left already.

5:00 flight delayed.
6:00 delayed.

The same thing happened at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. At about 11pm everyone was infuriated. I was just wondering whether this meant I could stay I walked up to the counter, asked what my options were.

To cut the long story short, I got a flight that was postponed till 6pm the next day and it was a first class ticket. I also got a hotel and meal paid for by the airline.

I messaged him at work to update and we were both glad.
It took me an hour plus to get to my hotel that was about 7/8mins away...I was tired and started getting a lil cranky...he checked up on me and said, he'd be there immediately after work in the morning to ... I don't remember the exact words but it made me feel cared for :).

Morning, I got up, showered, went down for breakfast before it was over and then did my devotion...then he called and came up...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

That Prince Gist

My darlyns, I dey hail o...

From my last post, I could tell that most of you are aproko' I love it...I need you to be interested...

Despite my looong story on the mother in law, you all commented on the part that interested you, my Prince...haha...gotta love you...muaaah.

It was funny reading the comments I must say.
I bet at this point, you're like start the gist already...ok, ok...

here goes.

For those of you that are just joining in. Part one is here

Well, I was home for Christmas and after about two weeks it was finally time to head back. Of course, I was passing through his city again and we were both looking forward to actually hanging out this time.

To avoid, rambling...
I chilled at the airport for a while only to find out that his airport had been shut down due to a blizzard and no flights were coming in for the next two days...Imagine my disappointment.

I was kinda, sorta sad, but this just meant that my family was glad and skipping over the mood. I got to spend more time with my babies, but at the expense of seeing my latest interest, this so called, prince that a delayed flight permitted me catching pretty much only a glimpse of him...*sigh*.

Trust Nigerian airport now. I was stuck there till 3am or so, all in an attempt to get my luggage back. I was tired, hungry and at that point, I could only just keep quiet and form 'endurance'.

Whilst I waited for the luggage personnel to get their act together, there were about two young couples there who made their wait a pleasant one. Meanwhile I was there messing around with my imagination. Of course, by this time you have figured out that I had bbm-ed him to tell him about the entire ordeal...ANOTHER DELAYED FLIGHT.

He was sad, but very mature about it.
Earlier on, he had mentioned the possibility of the flight being delayed and I got mad at him..."y'd u have to be so pessimistic?" kinda madness. The guy was just being honest...
lo and behold, it came to pass. He said the weather was horrible, bla bla bla...but I was just not having it.

While in baggage claim, I went on my "I wish you were here" steez
and he retorted with too many kind blushing worthy comments...*sigh*...I can't even pretend, my phone and I began to blush at each

I'm such a cornball.

I refuse to say one of the lines he dropped, I remember so vividly, cuz I'm too ashamed to reveal the extent of our my cheesiness.

Well well, he comforted me and told me that it was just two more days...I went home to enjoy the time I had extended with my family...

Of course my siblings were praying for another delayed


I was finally on the plane and I told him to get ready to pick me up o!...I'm arriving in the a.m.

I landed!
My connecting flight had left but due to the mess I was rescheduled. My rescheduling gave me about 6 hours to spend with him...yaaay, I was dougie-ing in my head...haha

On his way, he got stuck in traffic, but I didn't mind, I was already there. We teased ourselves at every red light over bbm...which I usually scream at him for doing but since I hadn't seen him yet, I kinda got selfish and let him speak for a bit before I screamed at him to stooop.

While I was waiting I had been to the washroom about 2 or 3 times, cuz of the silly butterflies in my belly...

Trust, the butterflies were still dancing around. He parked and got my luggage in the trunk.
This was it..

We were meeting, for real for real.
ooh ohhmm ooohm...

Our shyness appeared for a split second and then disappeared by the time I started with my regular yapping...

At this point I was hungry, I'm one person that can't stand plane food and I don't ever know what I want to eat.
I told him I was hungry and he struggled to figure out what this chic could possibly want and I had said no for almost all the suggestions until the magic word, "IHOP", I have never been able to resist...

time for work.
will continue the gist once in a me you want to stay interested cause...

Oh well, ttyl my luvies...muaaah!!!

Should I say that was sorta kinda our first date? hmm...of course, I couldn't decide what to eat. He tried to help me out and that just mushed me all up


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