Saturday, July 30, 2011

How I Met Your Mother

She had just grabbed a pack of peas from the frozen foods aisle when I bumped into her. I wasn't looking in the right direction...
In a haste, I apologized, picked up a new pack of peas and found a clerk to clean up the aisle so no one got hurt.
I explained that it was all my fault, then turned to the older lady asking if I had hurt her. She said no, kindly and left for checkout.

Later that evening, I called my bf and asked him what he was up to, wondering if we could catch a movie but instead he said, his mum was in and wondered if I would like to come over for an impromptu greet and meet.

I couldn't refuse the offer as I had heard such great stories about the Stewarts. It was a weird feeling. I was nervous and at the same time excited. I said, "yes, yes, I'd love to, is everyone around or just your mum? should I dress casually or ...?"

"Just come...whatever you wear would be lovely, you've never disgraced me, I'd be surprised if you started now...and no, not everyone is here, just mum"

"See you, soon"


From the outside, I could smell the aroma of awesome food. Before I arrived I was no where near hungry but as soon as I walked in, the hunger pangs barged in unexpectedly.

He walked me to the kitchen as he prepped me or should I say comforted my anxiety.
"Calm down, jo"

"You'd be fine, she's not the judgemental rude, cruel type so just be yourself, she's heard so much about you, I'm sure she'd love you"

I'm there busy breathing in and out like a mumu. In my mind I suffered pseudo anxiety

We finally arrive at this very faaaar kitchen which on regular days is a 30 second walk...

"Good evening ma"

She put her spoon down, turned towards me and...

it was her, the lady at the grocery store...


I hear crazy things about mother-in-laws. They're usually quite something, esp. to those girls who marry the first about a pretty big deal.

When you marry a man or rather attempt to spend the rest of your life with someone, it is vital, I mean of uttermost importance that you analyse his family like you get paid to be extra careful. Actually you kinda, sorta do. If you don't pay attention to his or her family, you would pay big time for it, for the REEEEEESST of your life.

Besides the background check...when I say background check, I actually mean check his background out. How he grew beliefs, family traditions, what they like and dislike, what y'all have in common, e.t.c.

I mean, the family has just gotta love you, if you're lucky, as much as you love their son/brother and as much as they love their son/brother.

One more kind to everyone, you just never know who's who. Plus it's a development of character. I can only just imagine if the girl had just walked away after hitting the older lady and her peas, without an apology...the story would have been different that's for sure.


I look forward to gisting you about what happened after my delayed flight on meeting this Prince, I spoke about.

Fasten your #punINTENDED
I'm too dry.

Happy Sunday.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long time, no blog...


My apologies!

I've been off the radar for two reasons, work-a-holic-sm and laziness. Please forgive me...

Sadly, no one participated in my giveaway...:(
The prince from the 100th post says it was a little too demanding and from the comments and feedback, I guess he was right.

There would be another giveaway for the exact same items but I really want participation, fun. I don't want to just give I know that sounds ironic but yea, the idea is that we all get involved, so if you have any ideas please send me an e-mail or drop it in the comment section.



One of my colleagues just got back from his honeymoon and he's got that fresh "off the market look". I heard him say, "my wife" recently and I had to ask him how it

I mean saying "my husband" for the first few times will feel like saying "I love you" and y'all know how saying "I love you" makes me feel. I'm sure it'll be the cutest thing tho. He mentioned that it felt more awkward saying "my fiancee" than saying "my wife". hmmm...


I met a guy...


calm down jo. I mean, I met a guy that had 5 kids and was soo excited about taking them to cedar point. He went on about how he loved his kids, bla bla bla...and I thought that was the most adorable thing. He called all his boys to say hi to me and in that moment you could see all the pride in his eyes and then he said, "these are my boys, I love them sooo much" and I thought to myself, "awww...the beauty of a family man is remarkable"

#dearLord, bless me with a man that would love his family so much, riches wouldn't be able to contend with...Amen


Btw, I just missed my bus to work, that's why I'm here blogging like a mumu...haha...buuutt...Happy Feet is taking me to work so I don't have to start my journey an hour before, wooohoo

I was about to tell y'all something very juicy but weirdly it skipped my mind...oh well, next time...

#kisses amigos

Friday, July 15, 2011

100th POST!


The past two weeks have been non-stop work....yes, I worked the entire weekend too. Saturday and Sunday...but now....

I'm OFF...woohoo.

To start off, I'm going to share my lastest jam with like how I say, judge me. :p

I know it's an old song but sometimes, when a song resurfaces, that's when I actually start to like it...

U need to see me dancing to it...haha...hilarious.
and then singing it....chai!



I've finally thought of what topic to use as my 100th post cuz for some reason, it's a pretty big deal to me. and I do remember saying this would be a giveaway post too. woohoo.

Apparently my last giveaway wasn't so easy, so I'd make this one much much easier.

The prizes would be:

1. iTunes, $15 gift card
2. Forever21, $25 gift card
3. Redeeming Love, My favourite book.

I hope this is fun for all and not too tough...let's not think about my very petty gifts much but join in the "fun".

So I woke up this morning and the first thing I said was a prayer about a guy (which brought me to tears). I had originally planned on revealing the entire story to you but...I figured, maybe not, not yet.

This prayer spiraled into several thoughts as I rushed getting ready for work. Amongst which was my blog and the very much anticipated "100th post". Alas, I had finally come up with the perfect game. I'd say a brief story on my fave best meet/date (subconsciously inspired by the 4aces) with one of my crushes to give you an idea and I'd like you to do the same. Send in your post to me and I'd put it up. The person with the most comments gets whichever one of the above prizes.

Here goes...

I had been talking to a certain guy for months now, but we never actually met. Well, I shouldn't say we never met, we had previously, but we never spoke. He was sorta invisible to me, being a senior at my high school, by about three grades, it just wasn't even fathomed. *not in a demeaning or superior way though*

Well along the way, about 7 years after or much more, a high school friend links us up on bbm. Of course she asks me first and I'm like, sure. I didn't have anything to lose anyway, plus I'm quite the friendly type. We kept talking about everything and anything but it was really all on a friendly note. As time progressed, we were speaking longer and I guess one would say things took a different turn. I had said to myself, I was going to be friends with every guy I was speaking to that year, JUST FRIENDS and I wasn't going to let any connection/chemistry/charm rule over my choice.


Christmas time was drawing near and the rents had planned on seeing their baby for the holiday and of course, I was to do all the research and then tell them the price. Along the way I came across this "cheap" flight that routed through my "new friends'" city/country *blush*. Told him about it and well both of us were bursting with hidden excitement of the possibilities. #weirdos....*sigh*

Trust there to be bumps along the way. Well well, we fought and that changed plans n we reconciled just before I bought the ticket. I personally had prayed that if I wasn't meant to see this dude, things shouldn't work out. LO and BEHOLD....when my parents went to pay they got a $300 discounted ticket...things were going better than planned....


ok..lets just jump to the day. [ My new CRUSH's bday = flight date....ghen ghen...ghen, ghen]

I teased him about not bringing a gift for him but two weeks prior, during our fight, I had mailed it and the post office mentioned it taking one month, so I prepared my mind. Surprisingly his gift(s) arrived on the morning of his birthday. Of course he bbm-ed me wondering how I did it...meanwyl...I was on my end wondering how it happened but replying him with "I'm sleek like that answers"

Finally started rushing for the airport only to get there and wait, all in the name of, "Sorry ma'am your flight has been delayed till further notice".

this is me: "Chai...I get IN-TA-na-shunal flight toh catch o #igboaccent, plus...some serious meet and greet plans at my stop-over"...but then again...I had said my prayers, "Lord, if this shouldn't happen, delay me"

My flight made it there just in time...for the meet but no layover.

LANDED. Msged him asap..."I'm here, are you here" We had discussed the awkwardness of the meet and how to act. I told him to turn around as soon as he makes eye contact with me and I'd head over to him so we're not staring at ourselves for the distance....#toomuchtohandle.

Went over to baggage claim in that very jaku jaku, airport...not too my luggage and then headed out.

Of course all the Jamaican taxi drivers wanted to drag me into their little cabs but I foresaw my chariot with my prince awaiting my

As soon as I saw him...

la la la #singing....*fanning self* sent an instant BBM to Happy Feet before I crossed the street. "Chai, he's so cute"

of course we blushed back and forth on the chat and then I crossed to meet him like nothing had

We drove to my terminal immediately, cuz my flight was just about to leave.

I went in, he went to park, came back in...walked me till he couldn't go further.
Hugged me.
Thanked me.

Pecked was unexpected and too cute. I thot about it, probably for as long as I was over with the fam for Christmas.


So yea, that's the idea.
It doesn't have to be as long as mine. I can't wait to see what you turn in.

Please turn something in...pleeeez.

p.s: I thought of the cutest proposal this morning. I'd share later....muaah!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I have two topics, I've been meaning to write up but I just haven't gathered up enough oomph and I had to attend to some real life

Anywaiz, a week or two ago I was chatting with Blessing a few things that have been going on which I wouldn't be sharing just yet BUT...I remember asking her if I was normal, cuz I've noticed this habit that just developed about a year ago.

I like to call it "research"

if I meet a guy I like, or might like or have developed a full blown crush on, I find myself heading over to the ever friendly google to type his name in *covering face in sooo much shame*.

It's such a bad habit, that now I'm not even just checking google, I'm also checking twitter and facebook. Oh's horrible. I'm writing up my shame to hopefully put an end to it, today.

I've been in a personal "personal stalking anonymous rehab" so many times and lasted through it for a chunky amount of time and when my day-dreams pop back in with all the goo-eyness, I resort to my faithful friends. TOO SAD!

Now, I'm the sort of person who has everyone guilty till their proven innocent BUT, I've never been the stalkerish type to find out if what u've actually said is true by doing research, that's just an unnecessarily strenuous exercise. All lies would come to light in due time.

Am I a weirdo tho?

Honestly, I only do it for the fun of it, to find out what the person is up to kinda thing, I think....actually I donno why I do it.

I feel like I'm airing my dirty laundry...yuck!

Anywaiz, today is the last day I stalk an ex's tweet or a crushes facebook page....

I have work in an hour...and I haven't showered...I amaze myself.


p.s: My ONE HUNDREDTH POST is coming up next. I'm having a giveaway...yaaay. I'd post prizes and explain what's up then...wooohoo.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


No one can ever love me as much as he loves me
He gives me reason to wake up each morning
I serve him, with all I have, with all I've got
Of everything that is me, I give it all to him
When he says jump, I shall because I'm sure it would be for my good....

Every scar has a story
Every ache is worth it,
It all happened because, I was foolish to go against his wishes.
He hit me that I might get my ducks in a row and obey

at this point, I must confess
I've lost all that makes me, me and given it all up for him
My very essence, has ceased
My every purpose is nullified

You are not a puppet, a slave, a toy, a punching bag....
Understand this now, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are God's pride, if he was boastful, he would boast of you day and night. You are beauty. He made you with much thought. He created you to have dominion over the earth, to rule other creatures, not for your kind (man or woman) to rule and subdue you. The moment you become less than you are worth, not out of humility but stupidity, STOP...think...rewind...adjust...take a new direction in the path of peace/joy/love and keep it moving.

I sound like it's easy to do, right? NO. It's not easy, the best things you do for yourself are the hardest things, but buckle up, talk to a friend, a true friend...there must be shoulders you can lean on, hands you can hold. No man is or should be an island.

No man/ absolutely no one is allowed to raise their hands to hit you...(you should not be found verbally abusing either provoking the cause) - I'm not pointing fingers, cuz truthfully, I have been quite provoking too, countless times. Abuse is abuse. Verbally or physically.

Today I found myself getting angry, raising my voice and almost totally losing it and I had to hit the brakes. I stopped all arrangements to head out for a party because honestly that behaviour needs to be dealt with, NOW!. It's shameful, lacks self-control and it's absolutely futile. Someone explained the effects of anger thus:

A young boy got so mad, he wanted to explode, his dad then told him to take some nails, go to the wall and drill in.
After a few minutes he said, "dad, I'm no longer mad"
Then his dad said, "ok, go and take the nails out"
He did...(without a nail remover btw)
Then returned to his dad...
Then his dad said fill in the wall and put the wall back together like it was before...
and he replied, "wow, that would take some time, plus he would have to repaint the entire wall because the other parts were old paint..."

Those holes are what we do when we get so mad and out of takes so long to repair, the expression/negatives of anger then become a regret.


We all fall short, we all fall prey, but what makes us wise is the effort to repair our wrongs..not just any effort but fruitful's not wrong to get mad but the mess we produce from our anger is.

Many have controlled it, we can set it under control too.

Please read these two posts on Blessings Outlet and Unveiling Gold. It's on their personal experiences with abuse. Victors of abuse ought to be celebrated. It's not a call for a pity party. Read and be blessed.

If you're in the midst of such and you feel you deserve it, I hope someday you'd realize that there's greater love and peace for you in Christ. Many don't understand the love of God till they experience it first hand. Countless times it takes him pulling you our of a messed up mess for you to get it, I've been messy and he has pulled me out, that's why I get it and I'm not turning back.

I love you.


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