Monday, October 24, 2011

The A-B-C's of luvn


Long time eh?
I'm such an infrequent blogger these days, it's sorta good and bad.

I'd like to take a moment to thank God that I do not have as much time to blog as I use to, only because that meant that I was really jobless (unemployed).

I'd like to thank God for keeping me unemployed for that bit, so as to introduce me to a world of beauty that may not be face-to-face but might as well be, YOU.

I'm glad we met.
I know it sounds really cheesy, but honestly, having a blog and meeting soo many people with such great views and countless ways of a blessing.

that I can vent, I feel your comfort from miles away, is worth being grateful for.


I was talking to Blessing sometime last week about the fact that I have not kissed for a while now and I miss it. lol. *covers face*
Sounds silly? but I do.
Is it so wrong that I feel sorta "kiss deprived" if I might say?

That's an honest question and I want to know what you think.
I'm not going around wishing/attempting to kiss every man I see as a result of desperation, I am not desperate. I just miss it. lol

this is another reason, I feel my prince shud come and come quick, ko to so me di were (before he turns me into a mad person), but God knows best...I will wait :D

I've asked God to keep me in check and he's been doing a fantabulous job so far.


As I was getting ready for work, I realized that I don't even remember how to be in a relationship.

How do relationships work?

I feel like it's been soo long and I've sorta developed this routine for me. Happy Feet says, "you of all people"....Me of all people ko, me of all people ni. lol

Well, she is right to say that when it does happen, everything would fall into place as they always have and I'd know what to do. Plus me being the person that I am, tryna accommodate people, I really shouldn't have a problem lovingly fixing someone into my life, right?

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Myne Whitman said...

I'm sure you'll get right back into it, especially with the right person. As for missing kissing, it is real o. Better to understand that and be aware, know, jumping on the next guy to walks up to you, lol...


HoneyDame said...

Happy Feets is right!
Nawa for you and Ble Ble o! She just wrote about how she hasnt kissed in 2 years!
Me I am deprived in all ramifications...physical relationship-wise...*sigh* Abasi dey!

Ema Leecious said...

I doubt if you will have a problem when you are in a relationship with the right just flows, and there is no need to work it...I hope you understand?

When you finally get to kiss, please dont chew off his lips ooo!
And I am glad i meet you through the "blog world" too!

lol @ HoneyDame

lovelife4sale said...

Hopefully, Kissing would be like riding a bike, meaning you wouldnt forget how to do it, because you learnt earlier. Relationships... i cant say that the right person for you would be effortless to be with, but with anything that is worthwhile, it takes time and energy for things to work out nice.

Blessing said...

Lol stop thinking about kissing jare!
You'll get the hang out it when it happens're a natural born lover!

LOL @ HD, ko easy mehn

H said...

lol..thx guys.
I'm sure it'll all come back to me.

@Ema, hahaha...I'm not that desperate. I'd be composed. lol
@Blessing, no more kiss talk! *pinky swear* lol

Okeoghene said...

How did you learn to kiss the first time around? The right guy will come and then you will kiss 'tire'.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...


'Kiss deprived', 'Physical relationship deprived'

This is a serious something!!!

I just hope the first guy you do kiss is sooooo worth it.

Whenever you think of all the kisses you are missing, dont think of the perfect kisses...........please think of all the bad kisses (a la foul breath, slobbering, biting and dodgy teeth) that you could be having. Yuck LOL

Afronuts said...

Not to worry...when the right person'll click and you'll know what you should do.

And that was reeaal sweet of you to see everyone on blogosphere as a blessing. I'm sure that statement made someone's day.

Oh...and get a teddy bear so next time you feel like kissing, just smooch it!

H said...

hahaha Oghene, looking forward to it.

lol..NIL, thx for the visuals..eww.

@Afronuts, I like the idea of a big teddy bear. Just for hugs tho...smooching it, lol...will turn me into a desperate psycho.

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