Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Do!

Everyone is popping, "I do" all over the place, which is great but honestly, when a lady says "I do" or when the guy says "I do" what are they really doing to?

First off, it's a pretty big deal for a guy to settle down...for him to agree with himself that he has found, the one.  To be totally honest with you, I've wondered if there is anyone that would accept me just as I am, with all my faults, weaknesses but the realization that no one is perfect affirms the hope that there is someone out there searching for me, plus there's a woman for every man right? 

Guys are all about the partying, the lounging, the chilling, the laxing and dating...the commitment is a sign that a man has reached the age of maturity where he is confident that he is willing to be tied down to this ONE woman.

In this time while a woman waits, she's meant to be prepping herself right? Learning to cook, clean, care for her king....she should make herself so valuable that a man, her man cannot exist without her.  

Saying I do, should mean that both parties are ready...
When he/she is ready, I do should mean:

I do agree to love you through thick and thin
I do agree to provide for you all the days of your life
I do agree to satisfy all your needs in every way that I can
I do agree to express myself to you so that we can work through our short comings
I do agree to treat you as my King
I do agree to be your Queen
I do agree to try my hardest to make sure that all your concerns are addressed
I do agree to be that Proverbs 31 woman that makes you smile
I do agree to listen to you speak and give you the attention that you require
I do agree to be hardworking/driven/committed/God-Fearing
I do agree to support all reasonable aspirations 
I do agree that saying I do means I would learn to adjust to the things that would make us work over time....


After I blogged yesterday, a new friend of mine spoke to me about attracting a King by being a Queen.  I'm aware that this has been said in so many ways but when he said this, it just sounded soo profound.  You attract what you want by who you this wait that I'm waiting so, am I actually prepared to be worthy.

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Blessing said...

:) a lot of sense! #GBAM

Aseni said...

yup...if you want a king for a husband, prep urself as a queen fit for a king!

@ilola said...

Yeah you make sense. Though, some men make that commitment even though they haven't reached that level of maturity

Anonymous said...

Makes alot of sense but what if the lady is fully prepared i.e. now a ''Queen'' but her King is yet to turn up? Such long waits can be frustrating and almost makes you wonder if its worth it etc...

HoneyDame said...

yes o

Femi Adeyemi said...

''Guys are all about the partying, the lounging, the chilling, the laxing and dating''...

Tut tut, guess I'm not a guy then (Dons coat, wears hat, & walks off into the sunset)...

Myne Whitman said...

I don't agree about the generalization on guy's attitudes but the I do's for sure!

Okeoghene said...

I love your I do's.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

love this and your friend is right if you want a king then be a queen not a princess or anything less

H said...

lol...@Blessing, #GBAM #GBAM

@@ilola, this is true!

@Anonymous, I hear it's always worth it. Plus, u don't want to be stuck with a dead beat guy for the next 60/70 years, but u are right it could be quite frustrating

@Okeoghene, thanx :)

@Femi, don't choke on ur know most are/do

@Myne, definitely, there's always an exception.

@Ms. Sisi and Aseni, we gast prep

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