Saturday, July 30, 2011

How I Met Your Mother

She had just grabbed a pack of peas from the frozen foods aisle when I bumped into her. I wasn't looking in the right direction...

In a haste, I apologized, picked up a new pack of peas and found a clerk to clean up the aisle so no one got hurt.
I explained that it was all my fault, then turned to the older lady asking if I had hurt her. She said no, kindly and left for checkout.

Later that evening, I called my bf and asked him what he was up to, wondering if we could catch a movie but instead he said, his mum was in and wondered if I would like to come over for an impromptu greet and meet.

I couldn't refuse the offer as I had heard such great stories about the Stewarts. It was a weird feeling. I was nervous and at the same time excited. I said, "yes, yes, I'd love to, is everyone around or just your mum? should I dress casually or ...?"

"Just come...whatever you wear would be lovely, you've never disgraced me, I'd be surprised if you started now...and no, not everyone is here, just mum"

"See you, soon"


From the outside, I could smell the aroma of awesome food. Before I arrived I was no where near hungry but as soon as I walked in, the hunger pangs barged in unexpectedly.

He walked me to the kitchen as he prepped me or should I say comforted my anxiety.
"Calm down, jo"

"You'd be fine, she's not the judgemental rude, cruel type so just be yourself, she's heard so much about you, I'm sure she'd love you"

I'm there busy breathing in and out like a mumu. In my mind I suffered pseudo anxiety

We finally arrive at this very faaaar kitchen which on regular days is a 30 second walk...

"Good evening ma"

She put her spoon down, turned towards me and...

it was her, the lady at the grocery store...


I hear crazy things about mother-in-laws. They're usually quite something, esp. to those girls who marry the first about a pretty big deal.

When you marry a man or rather attempt to spend the rest of your life with someone, it is vital, I mean of uttermost importance that you analyse his family like you get paid to be extra careful. Actually you kinda, sorta do. If you don't pay attention to his or her family, you would pay big time for it, for the REEEEEESST of your life.

Besides the background check...when I say background check, I actually mean check his background out. How he grew beliefs, family traditions, what they like and dislike, what y'all have in common, e.t.c.

I mean, the family has just gotta love you, if you're lucky, as much as you love their son/brother and as much as they love their son/brother.

One more kind to everyone, you just never know who's who. Plus it's a development of character. I can only just imagine if the girl had just walked away after hitting the older lady and her peas, without an apology...the story would have been different that's for sure.


I look forward to gisting you about what happened after my delayed flight on meeting this Prince, I spoke about.

Fasten your #punINTENDED
I'm too dry.

Happy Sunday.

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@ilola said...

Is this you, cos I know say u no get bf o?
waiting for your next post

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Seatbelt firmly fastened ..........and waiting
Have a blessed week

MsJB said...

hmm can't wait to read about it too :)

enybees-hub said...

Ok o,we de wait.....:::D

Femi Adeyemi said...

Phew. Okay thanks for the heads up. Background checks are important I agree. I'd go one step further and advocate trial runs for marriage..:D

blogoratti said...

Great read...great spot. First time on here,be back to check it out some more. Cheers!

H said...

@@tilola, it's not me was fiction. I nor get bf yet...u know imma keep y'all updated on that!

@Ms JB, N.I.L, Enybees, lol...una too like aproko...haha...stay securely fastened o!

@Femi...hahahaha...u're really something.

@blogoratti, welcome...welcome...welcome..c u soon :)

Unveilinggold said...

My hear full ground they wait your gist..

Nice lesson, thanks for sharing..

Blessing said...

Nice one!......I can't wait for the next post!!!

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