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Whoooah...seems like I've been away forever.
I finally was able to do my blog rounds and I'm pretty glad with the blogging influx. There have been quite a number of awesome reads. A few of my personal faves are from BSNC, Kemi, Doll (you should read part 1 of this post first to truly appreciate part 2) and of course, Sisi. Y'all should drop by...

I had originally intended on blogging when I did my blog rounds but because I was soo far back, I spent a couple of hours catching up, then fell asleep...and now finally I can blog...whew!!*wiping sweat off forehead*


I have quite a mouthful but...I'm too tired to bore you..but I must blog! na today!

First of all..I would like to hear your thoughts on one or two issues...maybe it's just me...but...When a guy is approaching you, do you not kinda automatically tune your mind off after scanning (scoping)? Say, you're at a party gisting with a group of friends and all of a sudden your eye meets some guys eyes, do you not scope him in less than a second and know that nothing can ever happen even before that "supposed blink - eye contact" is up? Sometimes even less dramatic, say it's just a random, 'jolly jolly' walking your u already know that there can be nothing more than a hello, hi?

Personally, I am not easily attracted to a person, until their personality has been expressed a little, but for most guys, 98.5% from a distance, every possible detective sense in me knows that our engagement would be meaningless on an emotional level.

Lemme drag a few stereotypes your way, cuz I know....*cough cough*...girls are the best at this...
Say this dude walks your way...he's interested and what not...I want to hear your thots...

My thots: Bobo yi o serious, pelu gbogbo yeri to ti gbe leti...(translation, this dude ain't serious, with these earrings on his ears?...his still growing up...NEXT!) *FULL POWER OFF! on mind and heart...unless...he is able to restore "electricity" with his most likely very deceptive

My thots: Yea, yea, yea...I know most people like Reggie and all but pretend it's not Reggie, just a dude with mus-KULEs all over...hmm...I know that's a big sell for the ladies but I always feel these dudes are all about looks (sorta conceited in a way and they expect you to match particular...bout appearance....) and don't get the heart well, shey muskles wud put food on the friend go and work, let's get some doe, There are some exceptions to this of course, again, personality wins the heart.

My thots: For many girls, a guy in a suit totally wins the cake...but...err...
Anywaiz, it's likely that this dude would at least get a conversation starting on good grounds or potential emotional attraction...sometimes they're usually the most boring of the lot...*yawn*

Most times though when a guy in a suit, properly tailored suit is walking your way u can just use style to leave the balcony of your heart open small, in a "let's see..." (esp. for girls who are tired of playing and fooling around). His suit usually would say, I'm getting my life together, I'm sorta gaining ground on where I want to be...sha, sha, e be like say this dude get correct sense, small...

My thots: These ones always confuse me somehow, somehow. They are the "life is a runway" typa guys...I donno, it's a we could be friends..."u seem nice from a distance"

My thots: This one just doesn't know what he wants. As he walks your way, you're already seeing NO!

I wanna hear ur thots on each pic...pweeez :)


I just remembered a guy that I crushed on at some point in my life...immediately his picture popped into my head, I had already made our wedding website in my


When you bump into your exes' new girl and you're still tryna get over him completely, what do you do with yourself?

p.s: I find the only solution to be, "say a prayer"....esp. since you've (speaking about me in the 3rd person) been blogging about overcoming the feelings for the past God knows how long.

To make the very long story short. I bumped into my exes girl, everyday of the weekend, I told y'all I was going away for. Just after the crisis of my previous post...(now I don't remember if I gave u the entire 411 of the foregoing Thursday)...but yea...

At the end of the trip. I got to work on Monday afternoon, locked myself in the washroom and hoped and prayed that the tears I held back for the preceding 2 months would be done then...because I cried like a big baby...kinda shocking and unexpected but my heart was soo heavy, and then I couldn't breathe, got my eyes all blood shot red and faked cover-up with my

Anywaiiizzzz....I guess, I lied to you, my post on the last tear, wasn't exactly the last, but I'm hoping I can throw away the ashes and stop holding on to the urn of a broken heart.



If you have a crush on a guy and he's being very nice to you, maybe even extra nice...but you're not sure he has a girlfriend and everything is moving in a professional level, do you play dumb and act very cordial and clear-cut or do you go ahead to question his motives or actions?

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@ilola said...

As for your pics, I don't mind any of them, except the earring wearing guy. I personally think once can't judge from apperance and I don't think you can tell how far you will go with a guy just by a cursory glance.

As for your exes girl.... I won't talk, before you say I talked.

Debate question:
You don't have to play dumb, but you also don't have to go straight to the point. One can get close to the guy and use style to find out the info through conversations or comments. That shouldn't be difficult

Gee said...

buhahahahahha! "they say life is a runway type"--lol, oh that takes the cake!! loooooool!!

Ahh ex's new girl?? Why am I always stale with these gists tho? not even kool!!

Myne Whitman said...

Your pics all look great, including the guy with earrings, isn't that just sexy? The fashionable guy can like to dash me some of his style, hehehe...

To your question, just go with the flow is my own thought.

Laurenta said...

i actually stopped judging guys on how they look a while back, so many people have surprised me in recent times

BTW i gather tat if he has no style, if we are together some will eventually rub off on him.

and i would continue in a professional way oh, telling someone i was crushing on em, didnt help me recently, i just got hurt

H said...

lol...gotta love when y'all comment.

@Atilola, please talk o....what would I do without u?

@Gee, and of course you attacked me on my bb

@Myne, lool...

@Laurenta, I agree with the fact that we don't judge guys from a distance or anyone in fact. I personally put everyone on a zero till personality impresses me.

Kemi said...

Hey, Thanks for the link!

I would probably go for suit guy, then older guy (last pic), then maybe the life is a runway guy, then the earrings guy then the muscles guy. I don't like pretty boys at all. You can be finer than me but you shouldn't know it, and then act like you know it! Lol

H said...

lol...@Kemi, "You can be finer than me but you shouldn't know it, and then act like you know it!"

Vivek said...

Im a 21,suit guy, i dont really completely agree with some things. ok i must say ur post was interesting about the stereo-types but its a bit too much of a generalization :)

H said...

lol Vivek, u are definitely correct, that's the way stereotypes go.
They are never precise or reasonably analysed. They're stereotypes...and I bet u're a pretty awesome suit guy. There's always an exception and like very many stereotypes there are a million exceptions

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