Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Shower

My weekend flies by so fast, I wonder why the week can't emulate the weekend. hmmph!

Right after work, I went to a christmas concert at my church. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome...and of course, I was there till late, knowing fully well that I had to be back in church very early the next day.

Sha sha, I got back home after church and remembered I was to MC a baby shower at 4:30pm. At that point all I really wanted to do was engage myself in my Sunday sleep. Am I the only one that feels like there's nothing like Sunday sleep. I mean it just has to be a blessing from God. It's simply magnificent. Once you miss it, you can't get it again till the following Sunday....sheeesh...

Trust me now, I still attempted to sleep, bcuz next Sunday is just a lil too far...but fone decided this was the time to I woke up with a headache and went for the baby shower. I was a little cranky but I was able to tame myself, thank goodness.

To say the least, the shower was a lotta fun.

Now on to the advice part...ghen ghen; ghen

This I have to say was great insight. Mother's walked up to the front individually (other mother's couldn't hear what the "mother on the spot" was saying)...
but for some reason, all the mother's kept saying this one thing in particular:

Your hubby is your number one baby, never forget that. If you pay too much attn to the baby and almost none to him or you don't give him much importance anymore, you're creating a mess for yourself.

Its amazing how true this is...what I may say now may sound really stupid and blonde but I'm still going to go for it...:p...You know how a lotta of included like to call our bfs or soon to be bfs, "baby", I think that stems from the previously stated fact but it's buried in our subconscious that we don't necessarily realize its origin. I never say "baby" out loud but I think of it in my head and I refer to "whomever" as "baby" to the one, the only happy

Now this other advice is R rated so if u're a under 18 and reading this...I didn't send you o #disclaimer. For some, I know this is PG 7

Well well, for ease of birth...there's a it's not a secret per se, but it seemed like one. Have sex very often and frequently esp close to the time you're due to deliver...

Having sex during pregnancy has always been scary for me, what if you go and xxx and then xxx, then what happens...please excuse my ignorance. Sometimes, I'm a lil too paranoid and skeptical

There was more but I'm too tired and lazy to remember, those were the two that have stuck with me.

#kisses my angels...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apples and Wine

So my mum sent this to me early this morning and I thot it was awesome to post on my blog so here it is.

So true!
Patience is key.

#okbye....I'm almost "officially" late for work. #kisses my luvz have a very blessed day. I would be working while y'all chill, blog, watch movies, eat #sobbsobb. I miss my Saturday pleasures...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Few Lessons Learnt

What it do folks?

Ask me why I'm blogging in the dark. I know its bad for my eyes but nooo....I'm still doing it. Sometimes ehn, if me could slap me, I'd slap me a lot, esp. since my eyes seem to be getting worse.

Today, I was rushing for the bus, when I heard these two ladies talking bout...
"So I told him, I liked him and he was like..."

That's all I heard, cuz like I said I was rushing. As I walked by all I could say to myself was, "big mistake" (well that's if she said it first). Personally, I said 'personally' o...becuz my friend; China disagreed with me on the issue. Anywaiz so yea, neva tell a dude that u think, u sorta, mite, maybe like him...cuz u assume the risk of him saying he doesn't feel the same way, which I believe takes much longer time to heal than if it were the other way around...He mite just be flirting with you, meanwhile u've gone ahead and thot bout what ur kids would look like and how good of a father he wud be. My dear nip those feelings in the bud as soon as u notice them till he says sum'n to you. Otherwise ehn....well lemme not talk too much. That's just how I feel. One of my aunties always said withhold 60% of ur heart till u're sure he's the one. This 40% u're even letting go is just right b4 he proposes and right after u are both sure u like urselves. (In short, If he did like u and u didn't like him, it'll be easier for him to bounce back on his feet. For a lady, she'd end up feeling embarrassed and she mite not be able to bounce back up immediately) Then again, there are some hard core females out there. Kudos to u! Sometimes I envy women who don't really care much cuz guys would have no effect, you know. Sometimes!!

I like the feeling of liking and loving :), I can't be hard core like that. It feels good when a guy makes ur heart skip a few beats or just seeing or hearing his voice makes you smile or when he's equally as sprung and decides to send you roses, just cause...well lets not get too carried away I think I FULLY agree with the famous quote; "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"

DISCLAIMER: I've never told a guy, I liked him first before #justsayn. To say the least, in the past I would have been considered a very proud person, I couldn't even say common sorry. Not the oh I hit u mistakenly types o...the one where you have to hear this "famous advice" or is it "pep talk" I should call it? that says..."the bigger person apologizes even when they're right".

If there are two attendants/service representatives or whatever we might want to call it, a guy should go to the female attendant and a girl to the male attendant. Not in a slutty manner o!. Its just that I've noticed that the females tend to be nicer/more respectful to the males and vice-versa. Works all the time. Its true!...Seriously, its true...If a female goes to a female and a male to a male, the attendants would then begin to remember all the things they learnt at their training classes or what the rule/law says in paragraph kini kan, kini kan...

Guys are so forgiving compared to girls. A woman can hold a grudge for one million years and function like she's happy when she's with other people. #bad. When she's with the guy, her "tru color" would come out...haha...she would show him her "red eyes"

If a guy loves a girl. Oh my!. The things he would do for're a wonder to me. That's the reason why a lady must wait for a guy that adores her. The beauty of a relationship where the guy completely adores his wife is beyond words. Its simply amazing! Its no secret that women can love sha o...Na wa!....Love to stupidity sef, to complete and total were (madness). There was this lady that loaned her bf $7000, for what kwanu? U're not married and u took all ur life savings and gave it to ur bf, say wetin happen?. I think she's still paying it off now, cuz well they broke up and the dude jabod. Another one went to jail for her bf. U go fear, true love now. God FORBID! I pray that sort of thing never happens to me.

Skimpy clothes say, "Hey boo, let's sleep together, right here, right now", so when a dude comes over and starts whispering sweet nothings, get it right, its not really about you per se, but about ur goods....hahaha @ ur goods #SoRazz...We, ladies tend to get carried away by the lyrics that guys shower us with, its amazing. #madness. I know the heart and mind are distant and all but, really we need to get it together or else...It'll be nice if a guy came to you for you eh? Not because he can see ur boobs (nipples included), thong etc. Most guys wouldn't look at a girl they've slept with the sense that they've gotten what they came for so oh well...u're now a by-gone. The worst is when they recycle girls. E.G: Bimbo, Dotun, Clement, Yusuf and Chukwuna are all best friends and they've slept with Yetunde....OH eM gEe...#embarrassing.

It may seem rite to sleep with ur bf or gf (of course the bible says NO sleeping with anyone other than ur hubby) but for those that don't believe in GOD, YET, what if u were to break up with ur bf, and after u had sex with ur first, u had a 2nd and 3rd and 4th n u just sha kept having bfs, would it be nice to know that they've all been with u in nasty ways? touched and felt everything? then depends on how precious one body is to them. Sex feels good but feels great with the rite person, I'm sure. (without regrets #addedbonus)

I'm sure there are others I would have liked to share but I can't think of them off the top of my head rite now...

So Happy Feet and I were arguing about who is more sensitive. A guy or girl?
I say a girl, she says a guy. According to her guys are always forming bad guy, but deep inside they're more sensitive than females. I beg to disagree. Please help us bury the hatchet and become friends again by settling this argument. Who do you think?

Well of course we're not fighting...just being a lil overly dramatic (notice my oxymoron)

p.s: Did u notice that oxymoron had moron in it? its rather moronic to have opposites forming a sentence...ok...I'm done dust yarning for now. Its time to retire....

Nanyt my luvies


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