Thursday, September 30, 2010

...till death do us part

Being the last day of the month, I felt compelled to update especially since I haven't been too frequent lately. You know life just takes over...

Working at the bank, I am opportune to meet many individuals daily. I am gradually getting used to the fact that I cannot escape being hit on by the black dudes that walk in...( I guess they just feel we have something in collegue at work has told me to lie that I'm with him...hate to lie about it but if it comes to saying that I'm WITH him, I would...after all, I wouldn't be saying I'm "dating"

Enuff bout the frogs, earlier on in the week I was attending to this customer when I engaged him in regular bankers aproko. Amongst the major things we spoke about, there was one that really got me...

" know, I just really need to be out of the house.." (@ first I was thinking his wife was probably driving him crazy...)...then he went on to say, "well, it miserable in there since the Mrs. passed..."

Oh my...a part of me just sunk...u know, this life keeps moving, regardless. Its got its ups and downs...a lot of my blog has been based on the beauty of a Prince charming and his princess but being more realistic, there's after the wedding which is the most important part.

God forbid...death would do u n ur partner part early in life, but lets pretend it could be any minute now for the purpose of thinking based on "u donno wot u've got till its gone" mindset. Based on this mindset for the purpose of positive reasoning...would you say that u loved ur partner well enough? giving it your all?
or would you have fought too many times to remember the times you actually loved? would you have undermined his authority daily that he never really had a voice in the home? (that u don't even know what if feels like to have a man heading the home).

In short, what kind of home/marriage would you create to ensure that the memories you have are joyful, graceful, full of pride...(n all the other merry sorta adjectives)

Lets remember that our vows end in "...till death do us part", meaning that death is a make the most of each day, each moment...(obviously don't be scared about the possibility of death, just be aware that death doesn't respect people, it doesn't knock asking if it can come in, it does what it wants to, when it wants to...ignorance is bliss but not when common sense is aware n give all the love possible #notwithholding)

Sending hugs ur way

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"X-skuze me plix...I'm a lil uninterested".

Well, I haven't updated for a hot minute and I felt the need to, since I'm off work today.

Customer 1: "Miss, do you have a card?"
Me: "I'm sorry, I don't"
Customer 1: "Then can I get your number?"
Me: "I...I can't do that"

Customer 2: same story, with an additional line

"Here's my card then, feel free to shoot me an email or call..."

I hadn't even spent up to three weeks at work o...I hope u're not thinking this one is feeling like a hot commodity o...cuz thats soo not the case...

Ev-oo-ry body make una see me o...I'm working @ a bank where customer service is like a major major deal...I've got to be more than pleasant to every customer, making sure they're satisfied, etc, etc...and these fully grown men (I mean even with pot bellies) are "toasting" (...if I may use that word) me.

Imagine my disgust.

Obviously, I wear my very pleasant and very willing smile. Deep down, I'm insulted and I feel sorta ashamed for them...its soo shameful and the fact that I'm used as the "other lady" or one of the ladies...or wait...they're prolly tryna be someones "sugar daddy" and they're picking me...for crying out loud this is, I'm joking over seas, on the seas or off, I'm sure this immorality is all over.

I am fully aware that some people would appreciate the gesture, but I don't welcome it and hence, I'm pouring out my frustration here. I want my prince in shinning, glaring, glowing armour...these frogs are sooo many...:'(

Ok, enough about that.
I also wanted to agree with Original Mgbeke on her "Dear Future Husband" post. . My focus is on the part where she explains to her future hubby that we aren't are not always all dressed, blushed and pretty when we wake up or even around the house, so he better understand that. I thot it was so true and rather hilarious.

Most guys pee on the seat, leave their tooth paste open or spit all over the sink without rinsing, leave the toilet seat up, fart-at-will, so to be quite frank any guy who's expecting perfection had better pick the massive log out of his eyes...:D

I think I'm going to retire for the night...#yawning,stretchingandfallingasleep
Nanyt amigos

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Regrets (Un)Necessary

I'm extremely early for church, hence my writing....
is it wrong that I'm blogging before church?...hmmm, I've done everything necessary...
oh wait...there's one more thing...

1 sec!

Ok, I'm now all done, finished! totally ready. Well I woke up about 3 mornings ago reciting a poem, I had apparently constructed in my dream...don't worry this happens all the time. Sometimes, its a song, but the thing is I never find paper and pen quick enough to write it down.

To be completely honest, I've forgotten the poem but I remember what it was about. Before I dive into that. 2 nights ago, I had a dream or was it a revelation or even a nightmare, these days I don't know how to classify the things that happen when I sleep in words. At the end of it, here's what happened...

so...there was a long line of people in "african looking" swimsuits (don't ask me what those are cuz I's what it looked like tho) We were all lined up in this massive swimming pool area. Not the nice, blue water looking kinds o. It was an indoor pool with black walls and what gave the room light was the fire and the bubbles in the pool. (twas like volcano lava). Trust me it was graphic.

People, were going in one by one. They'd laugh and then dive in. I'm sure by now you must have figured out, where I'm talking about. (I'm guessing it was hell) I didn't find it funny and for some reason, I wasn't in the line but I could see what was happening and all I could sorta hear, was "You don't want to NOT have lived a good life". I didn't do anything wrong that would warrant that but I believe it was sorta like...hmm..."this is what the opposite is o, Ok". 'Once you dive in, you can't come out', was the rule @ the "pool". Once they did...Oh my...u shuda seen them burn....'twas brutal. #GODforbid.

I decided to share...My point is we have a chance to choose where we'd like to end up. After all the tests and trials on earth, the pain and suffering etc, its absolutely senseless to live in this and then die and go to hell...ya digg?

So on to my originally planned post...
Like I said, I don't remember the poem but the line of thought.

Imagine, you met your husband a while back, well you didn't know him as your husband. You watched him flirt, sleep around, smoke, drink, "party like a rock star" ( razz, but I felt like saying it :D) etc...etc.

In short sha, you sorta watched the mess he made as he grew up. You on the other hand were cautious, no sex before marriage, you behaved!

Now 10 years down the line, you reconnect, because well this is the time in your life where everyone is screaming, "Bisi o, where is ur husband?"; "Seun, soon and very soon o"; "Kemi, your mates are getting married, u nko?" (Not because of the pressure, but u too, u knew...u were sorta even getting lonely anyway)

Well, never mind that, u too are praying for a divine connection, only to be reconnected with a riff-raff (at least thats wot u think he is until u discover he's urs....haha...doesn't God have a sense of humour? #rhetorical), by this time, he's all cleaned up and well to do. Trust God, he wouldn't plan anything less than best for you...

Well well, my point is, God takes us through this mess to teach us a lesson and sometimes without that lesson, we just never learn (and hence, sometimes can't find our way to that special person because we would never understand their value)

That being said, if u are a guy or girl still fooling around, think about the effect it has on others...not every mistake needs to be made. If its in ur power...keep things right. Its not every time one must live in the moment.


Monday, September 6, 2010

The Ring, Colored shoes and no French tips

Blog I missed you, bloggers, readers; I missed u guys big time. You know the blog world just takes you away from reality...its
Its labour day...yay. No work today, well except for some personal work I have to take care of, but I just couldn't neglect you another day...:)

Over the past week, I've thought about "the ring". I have no clue what kind of ring I'd like. I've actually been ring shopping :D. I hope you don't think I'm a weirdo, ladies do that right? or is it just me, putting the cart before the horse? ( man yet but we gast get ready right? After all my shopping, its not that I can't decide what kinda ring I want because there are too many alternatives, its that I just can't seem to like any (@ least one I can see myself wearing for the rest of my life). I get tired of things easily, my bags, my shoes, my clothes...after a while they're just not pretty/cute anymore...I don't want that to happen to my ring :(.

Silver, gold, diamonds, sapphires, multicolored stones...just can't decide. Do I want a gold and silver mix so as I change jewelery, my ring wouldn't be off? What if my ring is multicolored (say red, blue and purple stones on a gold ring)? would that be off always? I'm sure princess has all this decided down to the T. She has her dream dress and house all picked's not crazy, she's, me on this end; clueless.

Enough about the design...
Conclusion: I'm just going to let him surprise me, no hints and I'd love it regardless...:D (smart?, I

No matter how rich we are, I don't think I'd want my ring to be more than $4k. What if I lose it? Not that I'm careless but what if for some reason it gets missing or stolen. Yesterday for example I was searching for my purple and silver ring. Don't know where I kept it or if I left it in a washroom, washing my hands. Earlier this year, I was searching for my green and gold ring, which I still haven't found...Well I'm sure I wouldn't take my wedding rings off but what if?

I don't want to think of keeping it in a safe, because I may be travelling to a very "gra-gra" place and I don't want it being misplaced. I want to feel comfortable with it on no matter what...I mean its a symbol/show of commitment and ownership.


I would just like to mention that I'm really feeling this wearing coloured shoes with your wedding dress o...The days of wearing white to match your dress are long gone #justacomment


Oh my, french tips...remember when it was the ultimate or rather ideal manicure for a bride. Now who cares, everyone is spicing it up these days. On Bella I came across some pictures where the bride, I believe had purple nails with the 3rd finger in orange. Not that I would do that but...#creative. As for me I'm not sure yet. Still got some time to think, I'm not about to welcome pre-wedding stress prior to meeting my hubby...#justthinking...and then again, it could be french tips or just natural like Chichi...who knows? #rhetorical

My hubby, my hubby...(dancing and
I've been told that when we meet, I'd have peace :)...#waiting.

Oh btw, having peace means that when I pray about him, I wouldn't wonder or bother/question my heart would be at peace...well hasn't happened yet.


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