Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Reaction

Its been an awesome Saturday morning, from one wedding website to another. First of all, I am so having a wedding website (By Gods grace :D). The stories of how people meet their life partners are clearly God ordained, at least most of the ones I read. There are those who have a fall out on first contact, those who think the guy is ugly or egoistic, others who knew from the onset, who their wives are. It's nothing, but amazing meeting your life partner. Obviously, I haven't met mine yet, but these stories

You know whats funny? the guy is always the one that knew, "that's my wife, I'm going to marry that woman". Why isn't there at least one story that says, "that's my husband", on the first meeting. My guess is, the bible says, "he who finds a wife...", not "he who finds a husband..." Not to say that there aren't women out there, but I just haven't come across any so...

"Are you serious?, Are you serious? , Are you serious?, Are you serious?," was the question a lady kept asking, when the guy proposed. this point, he said he got confused, she hadn't said no, she hadn't said yes, just asking the same question repeatedly...well when the waterworks began, he knew they were tears of joy not a "how could you?". Then she said yes.

Another guy flew with his lady to some city, I don't remember at this point and they went shopping together. At the food court, he got on one knee and proposed. At first she hadn't noticed, when she heard him say, "Would you marry me?", she turned to see him on one knee...Now guess what her reaction was?..."Get up, get up, u're embarrassing me" didn't want the crowd to start cheering and clapping. The janitor had suspected something, so she stayed there staring at her. Once the bride noticed, she hid the ring and waited for her to leave. The guy sat there waiting for an answer, while the bride already had the diamond ring on. Then he reminded her that she hadn't replied and then she said..."of course, the answer is yes" (well something along those lines...)

Now for my personal favorite. A man was in his apartment with his 'wife to be', when he set the atmosphere, got on one knee and proposed. For about half an hour, she screamed, jumped on the couch, made calls to her family members, while he was on his knee waiting for an the time she was done I bet he already knew what the answer was as she had informed her mum, sister, best friend and all who mattered. Lol, that was funny, who calls everyone before saying yes. I don't think she even remembered she had to reply...he must have given her a

These stories all got me thinking about what I'd do...I guess the atmosphere, location, method of proposal, people etc all play a part in the reaction. I just really can't imagine screaming in the food court or crying in front of, God knows who...I guess we'd just have to wait and see. Ah he better not fall my hand o.

Now what I really want to know is what ur reaction was...please share, I'm "dying" (God forbid) to hear.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Tuck It In

Hi Ladies,

This is a note not of condemnation, but advice. Besides the fact that our bodies are the temple of the Lord, besides the fact that we are of extremely great value, besides the obvious fact that we are meant to be kept holy and acceptable, we should cover up and tuck all the boobs and cracks in for the sake of decency.

One day, out of curiosity, I tell u this in the strictest confidence, I tried on a low neck blouse to get an understanding of what ladies see in tops like those, are the comfortable? beautiful? but I not only felt better covered up but I looked and look better covered up so whats the deal with exposing every thing. It sells you off as cheap and easily seduced. If you are of the impression that guys are attracted to that, u are right. Absolutely right, in fact, but very few men get married to the women that give it all up...its like, "hey there handsome, this is my worth, cheap, easy, not too much stress". After seeing it all then there's really nothing to expect later on. Exposing yourself is like an invitation for sex, so when guys walk up to you and talk smack, please don't play dumb. Don't waste brain energy wondering why...

On another note, a man who is attracted to you when u're fully covered shows that he is interested in u as a person/individual not u as a body. I've spoken to several guys about their wives on a cleavage and thigh basis. Their answers are all similar, "I would like my wife to show cleavage and thighs indoors. Outside, conservative dressing is much appreciated".

I say this as words of admonition. The bible says "woe to him that causes another man to sin". With the cleavage, the bum crack and the thighs, u cause men to have nasty thoughts about u. Its really not fair. Some ladies say well they should try to control themselves...but to be fair, we can help + its a message from the bible to cover up anyway. Indecency should not be found in virtuous women, we just don't belong there.

I remember visiting a blog about 3 months ago where this guy shared his thoughts on the way women dress and I was so ashamed for about a rain of was terrible, he expressed the indecency of a woman as disgust.

Ok on a lighter note, I hope I have been able to admonish all sisters out there and not condemn them that decency is expected of them. A decent lady commands respect, even without saying a word.

Good night.
p.s: U're allowed to be sexy at it for ur hubby. :* Let him know that what u give him, u haven't offered it to the world.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Its so quiet
Despite the fact that its bright and sunny feels like a chilly christmas evening in here. My angels, Happy Feet and Bubbles are away on vacation. At the Bahamas and Jand respectively...I guess its been a long while since I've actually had the house to myself. I'm not expecting any noise at 3pm or 5pm from the 'madams' of the're actually away for 1 - 2 weeks.

My AC's are off, the tv is on mute, I haven't cooked...its quiet. Well I've got 3 sausages baking...looks like that's what I'm having for lunch because my plan is to laze about all day. Do you ever have one of those days. My bb is face down, on vibrate. I've had to tell everyone I'm busy, which is true, I've been trying to read 'the scarlet thread' for a while now but my mind keeps travelling back to reality.

There are these 2 guys in my life. Well maybe a little more than 2 but the 2 are really the only important ones to me right now. Not to sound harsh or anything but I'm just being real. I've had my doubts about them also but they still had a chance. I must say they're rather desirable. Their qualities would attract women but for some reason, I feel that none of them is it. My heart keeps telling me to wait, which is what I'm trying to do. I have told them how I feel. They've accepted but the acceptance is the kind where they still believe, we've still got a chance...

I love their companies though...but the mere fact that I know that they think beyond friendship is what hurts. It probably shouldn't hurt and u may be wondering why it would even hurt but imagine this...u meet two very charming guys, they like u soo much, treat u soo well but because u know u're not going to work out down the line u have to pretend that no feelings exist when infact they do...wot do u do?

I've met my Pastors about this and even talked to my mum, they all say we'd pray about it. One has been confirmed on both ends as a QUIT and the other on just one end...and I'm sure u know a confirmation would be on 2 ends...Well on one hand, I've been able to successfully convey the message to one of them and I believe its over...for the other...although I have conveyed the message and his reply is, "God's will be done"...I sorta feel that we're still at phase one...trying to get to know each other more...its been about a month now and...

Oh Lord, u gotta help me..
I feel like I need a fast forward in I know who this husband of mine is and where the heck he's hiding....patience H, patience...He does it all in HIS own time...and in HIS own time, he adds jara...

Waiting is just the answer...It has worked so many times for I'm going to wait and if anyone is going through something similar to mine...WAIT.

Oh Em Gee....u shud see my sausages...they totally forgot about them.

I welcome any suggestions, comments or advice...
Now back to
Bye angels..

The Veil

You know we seriously do not wrestle against things of this world. Its funny how many of us don't know how spiritual the things we deal with in this life are.

On missionary work, my Pastor met this gorgeous girl, as he looked at her the Holy Spirit ministered to him saying; "to you she's gorgeous, to the world she's a pig". Imagine his surprise. In fact, while u're imagining his surprise imagine mine. U'd wonder why its taking so long for someone to get noticed by a guy. Some get noticed but when they get to the point where they should be proposed to, the guys are like, " I think we should just be friends"...

HER MIND: "I'm freaking 32 now, what the heck? u've gotta be kidding me...5 guys, so close and we should just be friends? just be friends? arrrrggggghhh"

So back to the story, well he walks up to her and begins to talk to her, asking her if there was anything that burdened her. Well, they got into the main gist later on...where he revealed to her that there was a veil over her face she didn't know about...I believe they had to fast and pray, dry fast for three days straight. Being a nurse, she said it would have been impossible, so she decided to take 3 days off work to accommodate her fast.

Did I mention the lady was 30 years old? I'm sure u can imagine her frustration. She didn't quite get what the deal with her not finding any one to love her was until now. Just imagine men looking at...and seeing a pig...hmmm...this devil ehn...lemme not begin to talk about how foolish he is cuz his head would start's just terrible, its ridiculous. Look, the plans God has for us are plans of good and not of evil,wq so if something isn't working out too well, please don't think its normal...

Once the fast was done she got back to work. Some of you may say its too soon but when the Lord does HIS things, wow...He does them excellently.

The lady rang my pastor telling him that she had to quit her job. What? Why? we just fasted and prayed for a beautiful blessing and now u're quitting the job?...

It just so happens that the head doctor at her hospital had asked her to marry him and figured that it would be best if they didn't work at the same hospital while he promised to find a better job power of the Lord is real guys...this happened 2 days after the fast...just 2 sharp, snappy snappy.

This story takes me back to the story of a woman who tried to get married but couldn't, when she finally spoke to a pastor about her issue, it was revealed to her that she was married in the spirit realm...she had 2 dark rings on her marriage finger...apparently married to 2 guys...

The lesson I got from this was never to put a cosmetic ring on my marriage finger whether that's the only finger it fits or not. This also works in line with the new habit I've developed to pray on everything you buy or receive no matter what it is...cuz u just never know...its not paranoia but reality. Funky things are planted in certain items to get a person to the 'dark' side and ur ignorance just won't cut it any longer.

xx Luvz :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Proverbs 31 woman

You see folks, the Lord does work in mysterious ways...the world says coincidence, we say providence. God definitely directs our paths.

So today is my birthday, and against all plans of the devil for me to cancel my own celebration plans, I'm now over joyed. How exactly does a recipe for disappointment and sadness translate to abundant God is awesome.

At 7pm yesterday, I was all smiles. As the night grew my smiles grew acordingly...I had asked a friend to take me over to E's house to pick up a charger after church becuz my BB recently messed up and I needed a back-up or else my 'fans' would be worried...LOL, and we don't want that...I mean, since August 19th last year they had been looking forward to calling me by midnight this year...I couldn't disappoint now...:D.

Moving on, so this friend; Mr. Jay decided he was going to drive me all the way to a car rental store...and if u know me very well, I'm not so great with directions. I wondered where the dude was taking me, but I knew I was in good hands. When I asked, I obviously couldn't believe what he had done because the place is so far...

Well well, when we fact lemme begin to round up this testimony or hunch I have...we rented a Hyundai Elantra (even though he specifically requested a Dodge charger) and everyone who knows me, knows I have been screaming about the car for a week short my belief is that God took me for a test drive...can I get a halleluyah...whoop whoop.

When I finally got back home, my grin by this time was so wide, I bet my ears were getting about 11 sum'n my FB was getting flooded with HBD messages and by 12 the struggle to wish me a HBD was, I'm exaggerating but yea there was a struggle and from then on the wishes kept rushing in...

Finally @ about 2am, I was in bed, by 6am, I was up, biko ask me why...I had contemplated getting up but I thought Happy Feet had dropped my gift by my bedside...but no gift, I searched my room and still nothing :(. Went to my dining table and checked my FB and well...all I can say is, "I love FB", it makes u feel sooo special even though I know everyone got a reminder (I don't care!

After this epistle I've written, I'm sure u're all like "ok missy, the proverbs 31 woman should jump in right about now"...and I agree. I went on to read a post by Maid of Heart and I absolutely loved it. As I was redirected to other sites and comments from there, I saw proverbs 31. The thing is, from 6am, I had been saying to myself, "I want blog on my birthday, It'd be nice to..." and ta-da there it was...the post I had been waiting to write about for the longest time...:D

Being that this post is getting a lil too long...
I guess, it is to be continued....
please see next post for actual post...LOL (I'm sure u can tell from this dry joke that I'm so excited and no one is going to rain on this parade)


You know this woman ehn...she's what we call an 'al-in-one woman', she can truly do all things through Christ who strengthens her...She's too much!
Lord, my request today is that u make me a 'Proverbs 31' woman!. Thx. Amen

As I was saying, ladies please read about her...I'm sure I don't need to tell u where to go to read about the PROVERBS 31 She cooks, she cleans, she's up early, she has a job, she has a hubby (whom, we ladies at our house fellowship, concluded does almost nothing, but sit among the elders...). For this guy, u know that when he's outside, he's happy, for when he gets home, his wife has done it all, she leaves almost nothing for him to complain about. A happy home is a healthy home, for real o.

You know how they say that the man is the head but the woman is the neck, its no joke...without a neck like this woman there's no head. She's the last to sleep and the first to wake up, why? to provide food to not only her family but the servant girls...

I have so much to say but talking about this woman is rather exhausting cause she's too much. I mean just thinking about where to start off is spinning my head...If we are confused on the abilities, requirements or desires of a good wife, woman and/or mother, PROVERBS 31 is the answer. Please read.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The List

We all have our lists, the guys o, gurls o...we have our lists.

Agreed!, a guys list is fairly minimal relative to a lady's list. Funny how women just think that they're are somewhat flawless and therefore if the guy doesn't have this and that, then o well...he's just not good enough. Ok, maybe thats not what we all think. I guess we've heard about so many stories because we've had so many discussions about marriage and therefore we are constantly updating our lists.

Guys talk about soccer, politics, random stuff and as far as we are concerned 'not so important things' till they finally meet 'the one'. This one that would make their minds spin, their hearts skip countless beats before they begin to give some thought to marriage, so in their defence, they had a little less time to think about what they want on their lists. As a result a guy would come up with a list such as:

1. Not career-focussed.
Now I would explain this, from the perspective of DB Gold, he would like a woman who is more family oriented than career oriented. Family after God but before her career. A woman who is all work does not give enough time to raise the kids. The career mind of the lady must be present but not overpowering. A woman with a passion is very much appreciated, but when the career begins to overtake then...its not welcome.

2. Spirit filled
yea, I know what kinda spirit abi?, same question I asked DB Gold when he was giving me his criteria. What if she's, but as christians we know not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers so, u might wanna be just a lil more descriptive...Something like God-fearing, bible believing christian to me makes more sense...

3. Must like to cook
He made the word like pretty clear when he described his 'queen'. It is absolutely no surprise that men and food...hmm..u just don't mess with their food, u don't!. He explained that she should desire (lol @ the word desire...) to cook without coercion or compulsion as a result of "he is ur hubby, those are ur duties". #understandable

4. Fashion is a necessity = Attraction
I'm sure u're thinking its a little shallow but I totally agree. From this discussion it is apparent that men don't like women that just let it all go because they're married. A man wants a woman who constantly cares for herself and appearance. In Golds theory, he added in the fact that ur fashion gives off ur character. Obviously a care-free lady gives off sloppiness, which in turn tells so much more about u, ur family, ur home etc. Also, ur fashion, ur look, ur attraction makes it easier for ur hubby to fall in love everyday. :D

5. Humility
Definitely a necessity for me too. A proud man sucks! I'm suppose to be talking based on a guys list. Proud women would find it hard to respect a man and well, we all know that besides the fact that respecting ur husband is a requirement, that ego cannot handle a proud woman.

From Golds list, we can see that it is somewhat descriptive and fair but most guys I meet have like 2 things on their lists (at most 3)...and no I don't go around asking guys what they're looking for in a woman. For some odd reason, it keeps coming up and I'm not the protagonist in such stories...(I guess they feel the need to tell

This morning, I was on when I redirected myself to her wedding website. Now what inspired me on her website was where she said she found her 'list guy'. Most of the time we hear stuff like, "oh those lists are so unrealistic", and we then begin to knock off a few things from the list. Faith coupled with Chichi's testimony, I'm so not knocking anything off anymore or selling myself short. I've actually found someone that had almost all the things on my list except 3 things so why not wait till I find the guy that has everything plus the 3 things...its so possible jo...

PLUS...I spoke to God about it so it is settled :D
I mean how hard could it be for God, the all knowing, all capable, omnipotent, the Alpha and Omega, the all powerful, the excellent God, the one who opens that no man can shut, the one who has my very best interests at heart, the one who loves me in all my unrighteousness....abeg all that talk of not finding ur list guy is for the faithless...I bet he'd give u, ur list guy and then some...he's kool like that...

So my aim with this post was also to compare the difference in a guys list and a girls list and to avoid boring u with a lengthy post, I'd just say my list has about 35 requirements, of which I just added one more to it (accents). Yea the accent sounds a little shallow but its just because I don't want to live with 'h-factor'. I never laugh at anyone with an h-factor or discriminate against them but is it wrong to say that I wouldn't want my hubby to have it? #notrhetoricalbtw.

I don't care for a french accent, which quite a lot of women find attractive, I'd just want him to speak proper English...#thatsall and if he has a british accent I won't be mad at

When I say 35 it sounds too in-depth and detailed right? but they really are just branches of stuff and character traits. The main reqs are just 3, of which without the God-fearing, bible believing part; no man with all other 35 requirements is acceptable.

Ewo o...C me posting an ad here...(so not the intention)...LOL

Monday, August 16, 2010


Dude: "Hey wassup? I saw you from across the room and thought to come and say hi."
Babe: "Hi"
Dude: "Would you like to grab a drink sometime?"
Babe: "What's your blood type?'
Dude: "Excuse me?"
Babe: "You heard me, your blood type!, as in are you AA, AS, SS..."
Dude: "I'm sorry if I sound or look a little surprised, I've just never gotten that from asking a lady on a drink date"
Babe: "so...?"
Dude: "AS"
Babe: "Sorry, I think I would rather just drink tap water or buy my drink myself...."

LOL...ok it doesn't happen like that...but it might as well. Nowadays people are with-holding their hearts because of a persons genotype. Talk about CSI love. I never actually thought that people asked what the genotype of a guy or girl interested in them was till Bamababe was gisting me about a guy who actually cares for her and later asked her what her blood type was. Once she said AS, this guy more or less ran. He said he couldn't take the risk of having any SS kids which I totally get but for some reason it still feels weird and somewhat wrong but I know its right. LOL, I've probably confused you...

Later that day, I was gisting with 30dollars, Bubbles and Happy Feet about blood types and relationships when 30dollars gave us an instance wherein her cousin, uncle or some family member had 6 kids which all turned out to be SS. Now these 6 kids grew up had their own kids, work(ed) as lawyers, doctors etc but ask me how many are still alive. 5 have passed and the parents and kid of the last one are waiting on the death of the last child. She has even written her will because she believes; any time now...

Its a sad story but a wise lesson. Lets not fall in love any how...I'm such a firm believer in having your mind (brain) work with your heart when you feel like you may be falling in love. After a heart break, I adhered to the 'tip' from an aunt which says, "give a guy 40% of ur heart till u're 100% sure his the one then u can throw in 10% extra till u both get married because a guy doesn't hurt as easy as a woman does". Based on my mind + heart analogy, I have added 'biology' to the things you use ur mind for when u're just about to fall in to make it a habit to give more thought to the sort of future you potentially have with this person. If you're a couple that does not intend on having kids then this BIOLOGY is not necessary but if you are AS or SS try not to hook up with an SS because know the rest but then again if God has said that is your hubby/wife, then that is ur hubby/wife. It is possible to end up with all AS kids or even AA kids. My aunt and uncle are a success story, they have AS kids. The Lord has also seen my cousin; SS very well through life...I mean u won't even know he's SS

Some say that AA's who marry AA's are not helping the world. In all of this confusion, I say it doesn't hurt to ask and if the Lord has told u that he has marked u, an AS and ur husband an AS for signs and wonders then my dear, love without biology is very much ur portion. For those of u, who have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm so sorry for the chinese but then again google is ur friend.

As for me, I've never asked...I didn't even realise how necessary it was but I thank God that I'm AA so I'm fairly safe


p.s: Ottchic was gisting me about the possibility of finding out a baby's genotype at the onset of the pregnancy and I was like so, u abort the baby if she/he is an SS?...uhm...well yea, she says the baby is just an egg at that stage but I sorta beg to differ, abortion is abortion is abortion. Her argument was that if u're going to love without thinking then at least avoid letting a child suffer for ur pleasure....#makesense.

I still don't like abortion though!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Blueprint of marriage remains the same.

Hello luvs,

I'm so sorry for my long absence. I've been so outta sorts for a hot minute. Lifes issues encroached a lotta my bubbly Anywaiz, maybe in 5 years I would be able to gist you about my current issues. Yea yea, I know I'm calling them issues now but in the future it would probably be like "was that it?". It was soo worth it.
After church today we lounged for a bit as we normally do which I still don't get. Yea, one can fraternize for 30 mins after church but we actually sit there for like 2 hours just gisting. Sha sha, one of our mothers walks up to us..."my dears, lemme tell you..."

Oh my, u all should have seen our ears, I'm sure they probably obviously physically expanded in anticipation...then she goes, "the blueprint of marriage remains the same", while her daughter basically completes her sentence at the back...(u can only imagine how many times she has said it to her daughter).
Talk about wisdom. She said; "my dears, try not to win any argument you have with your husbands, fiance or boyfriends"...As she explained we totally agreed. Every argument you win slowly diminishes your husbands respect for you....makes sense? probably not..
The bible talks about silence been wise. This same moral was more or less a teaching to couples also. Aunty babe didn't have to explain in too much detail for us to understand. I guess its because of previous lessons. Let me explain, it is of no surprise that a man has his ego and we as women need to respect that ego. Not nurture it but respect it, pamper it. We would notice that gradually it would diminish. A woman who respects her husband is one who does not argue. You may question me, saying, "I'm not a fool, I have my opinions and I would like to share rather than sit there and let him have his way, why should I withhold my argument?.

My love, it is wise to shut-up, not because you are stupid but you want him to still feel like he is in charge. If he says its red and you say its green, then he repeats no its red, leave it and let it be red. Eventually he would figure out that green was right. On the other hand, if you keep saying no, it is green, it makes no difference as the real color would be revealed soon, but he would appreciate that you did not argue with him, making him look like a fool. Give him that honour. Every time you win an argument its like losing 1% of his respect for you, till its totally just gone. As a woman, surrendering an argument to your hubby or boo doesn't make you weak but wise and humble.

When you think about it, its totally worth it.
Guys have their ego and we as women have an innate desire for love. What's the point winning an argument, him getting upset or rather both of you ending up upset, sometimes not talking for a few days...I mean those are days he could have been giving you a good

I'm serious o. He who has ears, let him say what H is saying now o.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey boos,

I've missed u like a mother misses her "boarder child", like the sky misses the sun at night, like the wallet misses its money, like a blackberry lover misses its blackberry I'm just yarning dust.

I missed u guys. I've been away for a hot minute, which I would gladly gist u all about as time goes on. The reason it would be gisted over time is because I can feel myself getting tired of writing pretty soon. Please pardon my laziness.

This post is long overdue. I was meant to update after the wedding I attended early last month but I didn't, I guess it was majorly because life demanded so much of me. At the church wedding the Pastor said some pretty amazing things which are very much worthy of sharing. He mentioned just a few points as his time was rather short. Trust Nigerians now, we ran a little late and from then on it was a strain to keep up and other programs had to be shortened and sadly the sermon was at a disadvantage.

To avoid my rambling and unnecessary preamble here's what when down at the church:
What does it take for a marriage to stick? was the major question.
Eph 4:25
Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body. Speaking the truth to ur spouse would make or break a marriage. If in your marriage u cannot tell ur spouse the truth, honey, go talk to God about it cuz frankly that ain't right even for any regular relationship worth keeping. Sometimes its hard to tell the truth, I get it, but a lot of times one never wants to tell the truth again because the last time the other received it the wrong way and things went hay wire from then on. In that case, teach urself to tell the truth at the right time in the right way. For me the time is very important. Take for example, one of the hardest truths I've noticed people find hard to say is; "u have body odour or ur mouth smells"....Oh Em Gee...its so hard...I've even found myself talking to sum1 else to tell the person because I feel the middle man is closer to the person. In a marriage, I DOUBT that a man would want to find out a truth from his secretary when his wife knew all along. #ridiculous. A situation like this would draw the man close to his secretary and further from u and then u'd start asking people what went wrong in ur marriage when he cheats. #notfunny!
"Marriage is built on trust and trust is built on truth"

His second point somewhat ties into point one. Keep no secrets.
A good marriage I hear results from those who marry their best friends. Best friends tell each other everything. Ok some best friends do. With ur boo, develop the type of best friendship that has not secret. Be the type that tells all. Whatever u sow u reap, with time. If u sow all ur secrets with ur spouse, he would sow his with u. U don't have to keep hammering it into his head or rather begging him; "honey tell me what's wrong....I wanna share ur pain...tell me" #storystory. Then when its ur turn he'd be like; "Babe, whats up?" and u'd say nothing, meanwhile u're moping around not telling him anything...u're def gonna reap that kinda behavior. The bible is not a joke book. It was for real when it said "what u sow, u reap!"

Do not steal! Sounds odd eh? Eph 4:28
He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need.
As in, how would u steal from ur hubby. Ludicrous eh? NOPE, its not. When u steal ur hubby's time, its selfish. Stealing time is a waste of resources, as a couple u build together. When one draws from another so much that it weakens them, its makes the relationship, not worth it at all and u begin to push the other away. Sometimes we spend so much time arguing that the other party would rather work long hours or chill with the guys.

...and last but not least, No rotten talk. Eph. 4:29.
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
These days cursing is so rampant that its taken into the home. I find it hard to understand cursing at ur hubby or wifey cuz ur mad...r u kidding me? Get a hold of urself. If I were a man, I def wouldn't like my wife to curse at me....she crazy?

In short,
Just be nice :)



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