Saturday, May 29, 2010

in love or love?

two three years ago someone mentioned in a public discussion that being in love is different from loving someone. I, immediately understood what he/she (can't remember who) meant but I had never really given it much thought.

According to the bible, 2 Cor. 13:4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

and the best of it all....
2Cor. 13:8Love never fails.

Love isn't what we feel but what we do (a translation by Rich Deem as a summary of what love really is)

I love my mum, my dad, my sibs, friends, church etc but when engage myself in a relationship for quite an extensive period of time, as my feelings get stronger and he begins to grow on me and me on him, am I in love or do I just love him. Am I basically getting use to hanging out so I therefore feel so connected...thinking I've found "the one"?

Love is a crazy thing when u decide to get rational and think about it...separating your mind from your heart, ignoring the fact that love is/can be blind...

when u both say to yourselves "I love you" do u mean I'm in love with you or is it really what u said "I love you"? hmm...u probably don't even know....(don't worry I think I understand where u're coming from...LOL, but really I think I do :))

Appreciating someone, being that shoulder when the other needs to lean, assisting when and if you can is love but it's not being in love (except its an addition to other confirmed much much larger actions). I wouldn't say I've been there before, I can't say I have loved and lost, but I would say this...when u no longer feel like u can live apart [in ur "rational" (even though sometimes being in love or loving someone can actually be irrational) state of mind] from that person, when u feel like u wud give any and everything up for that person (not that u're obsessed or anything), if the person were to be in a critical life stage (poor, sick, desperate etc, etc) and u feel that u'd want to be there regardless (basically through the storm until it is over) then I think that could be, being "in love" but then again, that's just what I think. (would be sure to update when I do "fall in love" :D

In short, I think u'd just know (PRAYER is the "approved" stamp on what u feel)
Whether it is falling in love or just loving someone, if u leave out a million elements when clarifying what you really feel, make sure prayer doesn't get dropped off along the way.

gotta get a good nights rest for church tomorrow (or should I say today), have fun @ church tomorrow...I know I will :)

Goodnight dears :)
Yours Truly

Friday, May 28, 2010

Substance OVER Form

"Been dating since I was 15, where the heck is he?"
*as said by Charlotte in Sex and the City...

LOL..she'd been waiting for a while...

Ok, I'm not at the "where the heck is he" stage but recently I've had a few thoughts that I am willing to share with y'all :)

So recently I've embraced my book loving trait, now more than ever. I've been reading the sophie kinsellas and the emily giffins (all mushy stuff but I have to give it to them, emily most esp. they are actually realistic...). Also I'm a chick flick kinda gal (as u prolly can already tell) and I recently re-watched 'p.s: I love u'..OMG Gerard Butler, is an actor to look out for in movies. He made me love the Irish accent, esp. when I think of a movie like leap year and a book like Something Blue by Emily Giffin (well this was British not exactly Irish). Ok cutting to the chase...I don't think I'd mind a guy with an Irish accent but then again, I donno how "real" Irish men I'm back to sticking to my AFRICAN YORUBA men...:) but I still think there's sum'n bout Irish

A few days ago Bubbles, VS and Happy Feet and I were on our way back to our end of town when we spotted this silver Vdub, VS told Bubbles to ask the guy wot model his car was, (bear in mind that we were on the road, tryna catch up with this guy, speeding and talking to him from our 'Bubbleziz' window.) well we caught up with him and it turns out that he didn't just own a cool car but he was actually cool and fine. At that moment I felt my racial marital boundary come appears that I'm not completely ruling white guys out anymore...:D

On to my third story, yesterday, I went to get registered for a life insurance exam when my aunt introduced me to this dude who had just finished his. We spoke about the exam, potential questions, how many hours, what it was like...etc, etc. I felt like there was sum'n different about him, but I couldn't quite place it. My aunt had mentioned that he just finished from a University in Kansas but still that wasn't it, people graduate from universities every year (*its not unusual, wot is it?..hmm), as we continued our conversation(s) she mentioned that he played for the CFL and in my mind I was like, yes, yes, that has to be it (but obviously I maintained my fairly professional front :), like really u wouldn't have known wot I was thinkin'). He had that kind of Taye Diggs/Dwayne Wade/sum footballer kinda look...if u know wot I mean. I sincerely with all of my heart was not and is not interested but proud, very proud...proud that he would not stick to being a football player and would also study to be a Financial Advisor, I mean how many sports stars actually bother "doing more skool"....real proud.

C those are the kinda guys we need...the ones with their heads straight. (and of course a spirit filled, christian guy)

This all goes to say that I have crossed that line, the line a lotta women say young women would eventually cross. lol..where u start to realize things and ur choice is not so fully defined (I want a christian, yoruba man...FULL STOP)...

Never thought I'd say that white men are ok not just as friends but also as husbands due to cultural differences...(now I am on the side of those women who say, "they would learn the culture jo, that's not even a yardstick") :D

p.s: I'm so sure my mum and dad would approve, so those family issues of 'racial reason disapproval' may not be an issue for me ;)*BIG grin

Yours Truly

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Right Planting?

Psalm 1:3 says He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

I want to be buried so deep in Christ that for 'my man' to find me he'd have to come thru Christ. u dig? u dig!

I also want to be planted by the streams of water (in the right place(s)) so that woteva I do prospers. u dig? u dig!

If I get planted so deep in Christ and I stay in 'this part of abroad' find me wud be hard (I'm thinking I probably am not planted by the streams of water, relationship wise). LOL
My self suggested solution: "I NEED TO MOVE"

I say this because, I'm in a place where single girls rule. We rule because there are no eligible
My definition of eligible: desired potentials/where 'desired' is the main WORD!
Don't get me wrong this is not 'the land of women' but 'our' guys just want to party, we wanna pray...LOL

Of course there is the whole long distance thing but puhleeeez that is so stressful and "I just don't like it". Its like u have to wait till Christmas/Summer to meet sum1, chat urselves up, exchange emails and phone numbers then fly back to ur respective abodes, where the cyber relationship begins...or there's the instant cyber relationship (inexpensive and coincidental) where the dude 'mistakenly' requests ur friendship on skype, yahoo, FB... then u 'mistakenly' add that story quite a number of times, I think* or its probably always replaying in my head for some reason...(such a fantasy)..and thats the birth of a new relationship.

Personally, I don't add any1 I donno so, well mistakenly would have to be MISTAKENLY

I love being single, its awesome and all but sometimes, it would be nice to talk to sum1 #justsayn.

I don't intend on dating for at least another year but when I'm ready if I settle where I am, hmm...I donno o.

OK, on a more serious note

I would stick to going or staying wherever the LORD directs cause clearly HE knows better and I know HE would not 'fall my hand'
For anyone that has the same thoughts as I've had, I have...remember if u walk with the LORD, HE would mos def not fall ur hand. If u feel u're planted in the right place but theres no dude u think u're capable of spending the rest of ur life with available, unless the LORD says move, CHILL and u'd be shocked :) c how I'm talkin like I've been guess I just trust GOD that much

U're safe
Yours Truly

Monday, May 24, 2010

...we'd live where?

Before I start, I'd like to publicly thank Bubbles for recommending me to 'blogsville gist', didn't know she did...heck, didn't know anything bout blogsville gist...please excuse my ignorance (*new here, still learning :D)

*that was really :D...thx, kisses*

Today, my friends and I were gisting about post-marriage...u may say we like this 'marriage/wedding topic'...and I would boldly reply "YES WE DO!" with a big grin on my face #proudaboutit...LOL

It was all about where we'd live after the wedding. Sounds like its clear-cut but hear my/our thoughts...

- So he proposes (or these days, he or she
- We start making wedding plans (which takes usually about a year to plan)
In this one year gap, a million things could happen, of which one is that the wedding is called off.

Now imagine that the wedding is called off and you had both gone house hunting, bought your dream home, ended your leases on certain dates (say the month of your wedding) be more realistic; you made the payment/down payment the month before your wedding and after that him/her says he is no longer 'in love' with u...:(


Off course that would be a tragedy!
but lets not plan to fail right?, but then again its better to know whether u're feeling urselves for sure, for sure before you get locked in (till death do 'u' part).

Now all things being well, u're both still in love, he is your partner, the Lord has confirmed it...etc, etc
Wot procedure should be followed? thot was to follow the procedure followed above...hahahaha...cuz I'd be sure that the LORD said this is ur guy baby, this is is it!...

My friend happy feet, kinda agreed with me saying that, that seems the best as u want to go on ur honeymoon immediately after the wedding. Even if u want to give thanks in church on Sunday after the wedding, u'd still want to live in the same house once u're married....Bubbles chipped in saying u could move into his apartment immediately after if that was the case and then happy feet replied saying once u're back from ur honeymoon, ur ideal post honeymoon is not to embark on a house hunt or move from the guys apartment to a new house 'cause u need to get back to work. Besides having planned the wedding for a year, u're probably exhausted and moving is sooo NOT fun...*done it way too many times

Now I'd like to hear wot u think may be the proper procedure...I mean ppl get married all the time, there must be a common method....I just have never heard about how 'the move' goes down.

Well of course if u cohabit before marriage (which I'm not a supporter of - it just could result in soo many temptations, in my opinion) its a lot easier, but if u don't, then wot?

Enlighten me
Yours Truly

Saturday, May 22, 2010

...the 'BIG' fight

Today I read a story which brought me to tears, I mean I literally could not control myself.

*It was heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, etc*

Heres the link:!/note.php?note_id=128230850524594&id=1505980520 (donno if u'd be able to open it but if u can't lemme know)

On to my topic....

I've had several 'BIG' fights as we would like to call it with my ex. I h8 to bore u with 'the ex' but well thats all I've ever had lol.

When I think back, a lot of fights were actually worth it. I say this because of the lessons learnt. I am aware that the idea of 'I date so many ppl so that I could gain experience and prepare for my hubby or wifey' could be rather flawed, as prayers could connect you with ur partner and u don't actually have to d8 to practice, u d8 praying, 'this is it!'.

[Further explanation on 'this is it!', you may kiss many frogs before u get to ur prince, but ur mentality or ur hope/prayer is that this could be the guy], Lord, is this the guy? kinda thing.

Back in the day, (*lol...funny how I say back in the day eh?) we'd scream @ the top of our lungs arguing about stuff that really didn't matter but the point I really want to stress is 'reconciliation' not the fight.

Regardless of how big it was, we always found a way to make up, sometimes I'd stretch the fight to about 2 days but deep down it hurt. Once we went 3/4 was brutal!, no 'sorries' from either was the worst! LOL

Once I remember him, trying to apologize and then went out to buy me a cake (*cuz well every1 knows how much I luv cakes) but I was too madd...I just wasn't having was some serious shakara o! :D. #unnecessary but according to me he had crossed the line...LOL...another time, he brought back flowers as he apologized...I just couldn't resist :D

No matter how big or how small a fight is, it is pertinent that people esp. couples understand how unimportant it is to hold a grudge. My 'couple' friends told us once how they made sure that they made up b4 they went to bed no matter the case. This is a lesson that God willing, I would always abide by, regardless of the circumstance. I mean God forbid, we went to bed and one of us never woke up or in anger the other got into an accident, then wot?

Would I blame myself, wonder 'if only?', really, then wot?

Silly fights, we call the BIG one simply aren't worth it, when ur rational mind sits down to think it through.

In short, lets try to humble ourselves...its VITAL
take care dears

Yours Truly

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

its "OUR" check book

Some say they'd have joint accounts,
others say just personal accounts,
Others say both joint accounts and personal accounts...

Uhm...I think, I'd go with both..

Anywaiz, I was watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride, where this guy was all about wanting the big things and the budget not being a limit or a boundary...The girl protested that this was her wedding and that they didn't need to spend that much. She said; at the rate they were going, they'd be living in their parents basement for a really long time...

extreme but so possible...

I'm a firm believer in unity...
I also believe that when we get to a stage where we are thinking of getting married, its imperative that we consider uniting everything. I can't imagine putting my foot down, infact my entire body my husband still saying absolutely not, as in really??...not even hearing me out..

There comes a stage in a relationship when two people become one, they begin to speak with one voice...

Say we have a $100,000 budget for our wedding and to remain within budget we create mini budgets. $6k for food, $3k wedding dress, $1k cake, $5k miscellaneous, and on and on...but my 'beloved' husband to be decides that we should spend $4k on a magician for entertainment, $5k on circus entertainment things were not even in the budget to begin with....

I believe I have the right to scream...because now it has become 'OUR' money, no more frivolous we have not decided how we would pay for a house yet...various essential costs don't just disappear, we'd have to deal with them...

Once we decide to get married, although hard to understand or grasp at times, there is no more 'I'. The last time a couple can say 'I', is when we both say 'I DO'.

Basically whatever plans u had for ur money needs to go thru your spouse...
Even when there are separate accounts, spending should still be discussed, for crying out so loud, we have children to raise, bills to pay, e.t.c. There comes a time where wiser decisions are adamant and the choice to make such wise decisions no longer exists...Speaking from the more prudent spouses' perspective, it makes no sense to buy new 'equipment' (couldn't think of a household item at this point, so basically any kind of 'expensive' equipment) that costs about $3,500 when we're searching for $4,000 to pay the balance of our child's school fees...

Funny spouse: "I bought it because it was on sale"
Reply: "U have got to be kiddin' me, the one we have still works perfectly"
Funny spouse: "I just wasn't sure when I'd find such great sale"
Reply: (infact, I can't continue with the reply)

These things do happen...relationships are

When u propose,
When u accept,
Understand one thing, 'I' begins to diminish till u say 'I DO'...

Don't get scared...Love ensures that these things are not even issues :D

Nanyt Readers
Yours Truly

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love is young and OLD

Love is not only for young people,
Love does not grow old or expire,
Love is for a lifetime...

Some years back, my parents decided they were going to celebrate their valentines day by going out for dinner at Sheraton, and a show. I don't quite remember the details but I recall that they had soo much fun. They wore red casual dress shirts and blue jeans on their "date". I was about 15 years old then but even I knew it was a romantic night. It was QT, some things were a lil cheesy but all in all it was soo adorable. The next morning, I woke up to see a red rose in a vase on the coffee table. They were out for a long time that I didn't get to see them till the next morning.


More recently, My dad put some valentine cards by my mums pillows, so that when she woke up she saw that immediately, later on that day he had arranged for some gifts to be delivered to her at work along with a bouquet of 12 ferrero rocher chocolates on stems, which I thought was "plenty" QT and sweet. There's more to this story but my memory of this moment is not quite vivid...the delivery was my favourite part.


At a party in 2007, there was this couple...I know them, but I don't know them...they ARE and were so "in love". A brief bio: They have four or five grown kids that no longer live at home, they're the only 2 left in their mansion. This man adores his wife...u shud just c the way he looks at her. Right before they came for the party, he got her a mercedes jeep, y? just because! (just because is more than a good reason to do certain things, btw). She had also asked to travel and his reply was wherever, when?...If I were to guess I'd say they were in their late 50's at the time...


Last Sunday, I looked at my Pastor's wifes eyes as she watched her husband preach. The look in her eyes...OMG...I want that for my husband, and I want him to look at me like that too...*blush...lool...This wasn't their wedding day o, just a regular day @ church...


Enuff of these stories...

My point here is, love should not only exist when the parties are young but always. I find that the majority let love fade gradually. Their eyes begin to wonder, looking elsewhere, seeking a "young" replacement...if u know wot I mean...

Does young age really replace the love you've shared with xx?
I would say NO!

Today, I was in a convo with my friends, DGold, Vocal Slender, Happy Feet and Bubbles...

Topic of discussion being, marriage is likely not to exist in 200 years...meaning the institution is likely to become extinct. Obviously, I'm on the opposing side, I feel that in 200 years Christianity would still be in existent, therefore marriage would NEVER die...

Anyway, here's the part that got me...DGold headed the opinion that women should expect their men to cheat so they should avoid letting the man be source of their happiness and focus on other things that bring them joy...

As you would suspect this went on and on...but well that's a lil insight on what guys are thinking because Vocal Slender backed-up DGolds opinion by saying that men crave sex more than women so...

I didn't disagree but there's a lil thing called "self-control"
What can a woman outside give you that your wife cannot give you...puhleeeeez...this is all about being greedy...if u can't hold urself, DON'T GET MARRIED!

Yours Truly

...its the little things...

Is it me or do guys think that until they give you this expensive bracelet or million dollar shoes, they haven't appreciated you?

Do girls really expect only the expensive things to feel appreciated?

I'm talking about girls and guys who actually like/love themselves o...not uhm....

I, personally am a little thing........big thing......little thing kinda gurl...if u know what I mean.


I'd like you to open the door for me every now and then if not always

Wash the dishes especially when I've been cooking the entire time

Massage my feet/neck just to calm me down a little (I'm one of those girls who almost never have smelly feet...*sayn "almost smelly" just in really I don't :))

seriously I don't have smelly feet (ok now I'm beginning to sound

Tell me I look pretty even when I'm just relaxed, watching tv (no make up, nothing)

Talk to me about how his day went everyday because he feels he can. Also ask me how mine went...u know?...I'd really like that :) then I can I won't blab but I could though (*suspicious face) talk like fun...:D...JKS

Visit me once in a while with a rose, just because

Share with me a bible lesson that he feels we should talk about because he didn't get it or he thinks I should know about it.

Stay with me at the mall just because he knows I'd like he's opinion and I want to spend time with him, even though he'd rather just sit and do
U know a lotta guys would rather look at the ceiling than go to the mall?...*they donno anything jo*...Isn't the mall a nice place to be? like saying "I'd rather eat brocolli than drink V8"

Ok nuff blabbing back to the gist...

THEN A BIG THING: Buy that purse he knows I've admired and walked past every time we've been to the mall but never actually bought it because, "the money is very just a 'big' lil bit"

then back to the small things
and then a big thing...

on and on...

Does any1 else think these lil things matter? Thinking about it, I'd rather u save the money till WE really need it...if I'm going to spend the rest of my life with this person, I'd prefer if u didn't spend all ur potential savings trying to impress me or "keep me happy" (as they like to call it...:)) - I'd be happy even with lil things....

Not the one that I'd be like, #Mr.handsome (lol...I expect that he'd be if he is not, well 'love is blind' how much do we have saved for a house? and I would be hearing

Abeg o, I didn't say u shud be stingy o...or with ur excess money, buy for just for urself and keep pleasing me with lil things (lol..girls cud have split personalities, its the same thing they ask u for, that they would use against u...e.g: over use the "lil things" mentality till u choke them with it, its the same "lil things" they'd insult u with - *typical babe...all these small things is all u do, did I beg u? u're so stingy...if only u wud....#shouting)

Truth be told, ladies don't make it easy on guys, but on the flip side, guys need to put in a bit more effort. :D

I sound biased, I know...sorry :), #beingreal

Goodnight boos
Yours Truly

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6-7years apart is the "IN" thing

(*friends ages: 20-22 years old)
Friend 1 (Naija): He's 27...
Friend 2 (Canada): oh yea we just met, he's actually kinda kool, the only thing is that he's 27, never dated anyone that old...
Friends 3 (U.S): 6 years older, I know, don't say it...he's a lil old...

me: a lil??, u don't say..

Guy Friend: Hey "yours truly" whats with all these girls liking 'em older guys?...its annoying...

me: It's the IN thing...hahahaha...jks...I donno...I guess younger guys are misbehaving way too much, I h8 to say this but y'all need to grow up (accelerate ur growth, just a lil bit)...time is

It's time to settle down, or start getting ready to more time for "sme sme" (Naij slang, hmmm or maybe it's yoruba...uhm...I donno

Some jokes get old, immature e.t.c. as you grow older, its important to act according to your age. Partying out late, getting drunk, grinding with everything in a skirt

(these days it's anything in a pant...we hardly see skirts or dresses long enough, *ladies, they do sell 'em u know)

e.t.c. becomes a thing of the past...

Go to church
...develop a relationship with God. Begin to pray about your future. Until one realizes how important Christ is, personally, I'd say it's not time to get in a relationship with someone...but then again thats just me and what I believe in :), this is not to condemn any1, but when you find out more about Christ, you'd wish you understood a lot earlier (personal experience)

I mean it's no secret that guys mature a lot later in u mite as well look in that direction...(@ those who have realized the essence of life, what it entails, the reality of life)

It just so happens that those who have realized are 6 - 7 years older. Ages 26 upwards...This is for girls ages 20 upwards (females).
I've always been a "2-3 years gap" kinda girl but recently, March 30th, I woke up with a crush...haha...(*told y'all about it, y r u now shooting my crusher post...POST 1), he was 6 years older...he's not dead o!...I used "was" because I refuse to have that crush...I refuse...infact, I PUT MY FOOT (FEET) DOWN!...[No more crushing in this zone]

Ok, let's not alarm my dearest readers, crushing is not bad, but I found out that a lotta girls crush on this guy - 1
He doesn't know me, I don't know y d crush?...u know what I mean, Am I a stalker, GOD FORBID!...(yes I do feel very strongly about that)...I have a lot of pride when it comes to this or should I call it dignity.

Puhleeeeeez...I gat class...(how can I follow sum1 on twitter that I supposedly have a crush on and he doesn't follow me back...LOL...of course I didn't expect him to follow me but I just wanted to see what he was like (observe his tweets and to say the least he's rather hilarious...I cracked up a lotta times...but that mess just had to stop...

LOL...u should see the kind of tweets girls direct @"I guess the heart wants what the heart wants..." they realize this is the world wide web?

Anyway, I think I'm back to my 2-3years...I'd like to call that "crush period" a glitch im my was fun while it lasted...

It lasted 3 weeks I believe...if u haven't figured it out yet, I "unfollowed" him. I'm a firm believer in the guy coming to you as opposed to you going to him...u dig? Even the bible kinda gives this analogy..."He who finds a wife, finds a good thing" not she who finds a husband...#justsaying..

Ladies be patient, let him come to you...this is not a thing of pride but, girls are way more emotional than guys. Guys could switch off their feelings whenever they like if you ask me. If they come to you, its easier on you, being the girl...or should I say, the lady...

One of my friends says guys have feelings too you know...and trust me, I don't doubt that but they just don't show it well enough (no one is saying guys should go around being all fruity, girly and emotional, but to the "one" girl, let her know how u feel every now and then...thats all...#thatseemseasy

I think, I'm done blabbing now...
ttyl, readers
Yours Truly

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Proposal

Feb. 14th; Valentines day...
....; her birthday
Dec. 25th; Christmas day...
and the list goes on...

Before a movie, when the cinema is filled with its audience, before the movie starts,

the stage is set,

the lights come on only in the front
he gets on his knees.

I walk in to the cinema hall with the bag of popcorn when I observe the different mood that is set. Immediately I notice the focus of the audience on the front of the cinema, looking downwards...

To my surprise, its...

As I walk towards him, he begins to tell "the story",

I'm sure we all know that story, the story of how "he wants to spend his life with you, you're the only one that makes him...someone you could grow old with...blah blah blah....u know the rest


Annoying....Arrgh...."how could you?", "this is ridiculous, I can't stand you..."


wow, good job, you deserve a standing forgot my birthday?...then he gets on his knees...
as he apologizes, he proposes...

Yeah, there's that approach; upset her, then propose...

The list goes on....
All sorts of proposals....

not h8in or judging

Personally, I have no preference...but my friends are rather opinionated on this.
My findings:
1. Not every girl likes to be proposed to on "a date" (an event/holiday)
2. Not every girl wants to be proposed to in front of a million strangers (lol...that is definitely an exaggeration, a million...hmm that won't be bad...esp. if you doubt that she'd say yes...)
3. Not every girl likes to have their families in on their proposal arrangements
4. Not every girl appreciates their birthdays being forgotten for a proposal. (to some, forgetting her birthday is crossing the line...plain and simple!...u dare not)
5. e.t.c
In short, not every girl is the same. If you like copy your friends proposal or something you saw on tv..."I sorry 4 u"...
The proposal could ruin a potential or possible "yes"

Its important to understand "the lady"....PERIOD!

*If you know nothing about girls, lemme tell u now...they can "propose nonsense proposal" (as in u act stupid), they begin to wonder, doubt...e.t.c "if he can do this, what would he do when? when would he get serious? Is this funny? Am I sure I want to spend my life with someone who I'm not sure fully gets me?....blah blah blah...LOL...look @ me saying they like I'm not a girl...

without the ring
Proposing without the ring?
you better have a really good plan...

it happens o...can u imagine?
a lil absurd, I know...

Personally, I'd say the guy is prolly just testing...LOL...or he was just not expecting a yes...sounds materialistic...but honestly, the ring...the ring...infact...I have nothing to say....#unimaginable.

If your plan is to take her shopping with you for the ring, that's understandable, bring the box with you to propose at least. In your proposal, "ROMANTICALLY", I said "ROMANTICALLY" explain that your wud be taking her shopping with you :)

#inspired by a wedding website, I read yesterday
He actually proposed without the love the girls response...hahaha... lips are sealed...its no biggy tho, but anyway...still sealed.

Good Night PPL
Yours Truly


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