Wednesday, April 21, 2010

" look so QT 2getha..."

Ever heard the story of the lady who got flowers every other week, hmm...or was it every week?...I don't remember...anywaiz lemme brief u on it.

"Every week I got flowers from my husband, whenever he brought flowers home, this meant he was very sorry about hitting me yesterday"

"Today I got flowers from my husband, but this was the last time because yesterday, he killed me"

I hope u get the gist of the story, I tried to summarize it as best as I could...basically she stayed in a marriage where her husband always hit her till he killed her...

True and pathetic story.

A guy should never lay his hands on a woman. Yes sometimes women cause it but really though?

The bible says women should be submissive to their husbands and men should love their wives...

Love clearly does not involve hitting. Ever heard for God so loved the world (I mean y'all know the world is filled with messed up, crazy sinners like u and me) that he hit the world...NO!

Love really does not entail such stupidity as taking out so much anger on ur wife or girl friend...oh...this is the worst...

d8in' sum1 that would almost cut off ur head...Is it soo hard to believe that there are better guys out there? Abegi...please leave him to his foolish temper and far far away...

We all deserve better...
Not to be sexist, men deserve better too but I've just never heard of a woman hittin a'll be funny tho.

Its not all about hittin', there's also emotional blackmail, cheatin', disrespect...we don't need this stuff meyn...these are things that can actually be avoided in a relationship...

I can only imagine stayin' in a relationship with a guy that I am aware is cheatin' on me...ha...GOD FORBID...
A marriage, maybe because he did it once...and promises never to repeat it...I'd prolly forgive but right after its a blood test o (all 'em STD ain't coming into my house...)

If you're not being treated right u'd gotta be mind/brain over heart o...we need to be tuff 4 us n our kids...

I find that ppl tend to stay in relationships cuz they wonder wot ppl wud think if they brk up...plz don't wonder wot u gotta do 4 u...the ppl ain't go'n be married to him/her in the future...

This statement "Awww, u luk so QT 2getha" cud be a just sells the relationship...sells the love that may not even be there QT 2 getha does not keep ppl happy...

Analyze ur relationship...r u happy 2GETHA...ignoring all that the world may see and say...

R U?
puhleeeeeez...luk gud 2getha...*sigh*

btw...don't get me wrong its a lovely thing to say but those that are in the relationship if u don't feel QT inside ignore the "QT outside" comments


Thot this talk was vital...

ttyll(talk to you later luvz)
Yours Truly

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Aye olomokan" and love

5:56pm watching 'aye olomokan' in PJs and a hair net..
Got a date @ 7pm
Haven't showered yet...

need to get a move on but...meyn...

"Mo ti le prepare custard, mo ti le prepare tea, mo le gbo mi eba ka na but mo ti le te" has got me all glued to the tv or should I say laptop.

Everythings online these days, remember when I had to use VHS,then came along DVD's...#passingthot
lets not get carried away...


Out of the shower now...
dressing up...
looks like my black blouse with the patterned black and white silk cowl neck and a pair of jeans. #dressycasuallook

got nice pearl studs to go with my black suede flats. This combo is in my mind.

Oh yeah, the perfect touch is my purple squooshy wooshy QT! me...

make up; moderately worn
lipgloss; the perfect baby pink with a luvly shine to it.

For the final touch: PERFUME
Christian Dior: Miss Dior

Its 6:58pm, taking a last look..

Theres a knock at the door and its my crush...
ok well this is all fictional

From my PJs and hair net to this Christian Dior, made up lady ready for her date...

yup thats how it is, we don't alwaiz look like "barbies" #justsayn

Its important to like a girl for her personality not just her looks because if thats the way,'re in for an unpleasant shock cuz we gotta have our hair all wrapped up at night, wear the most comfortable clothes to bed, relax; watching a good movie and to some eat eba/pounded yam and efo riro with our fingers (which I am personally not a fan of, but I do not h8 on those who love to eat that way cuz I mean thats part of the culture, don't mind me pls)

Anywaiz, there are just some things we gotta do...c'mon

I get that looks attract and thats y the date was requested in the first place but the date is arranged to get to know the gurl so get to know her and like her for that...not for wot she looks like cuz sooner or later old age begins to kick don't get scared but its true. #soundinglikealecture

y do ppl squeeze their faces when they sing? lol...I know it doesn't hurt to sing...(ok, that was a random thot...ignore it...just popped into my

btw...I'm not actually loling but no one says smile so lol it is.

Ok back to my Aye Olomokan gist...
Personality is so important and looks will only get u so far if u plan on remaining a couple. So girls, guys just be yourselves regardless...

look @ me talking like I'm an expert on

You may be thinkin of pulling out the hair nets at an early stage of your potential relationship just so you know if he likes u for u...

Don't ask me I donno wot time is right for that and I won't say it is necessary...Being urself alwaiz nails it tho...

Besides Prayer is alwaiz the key...

I'm beginning to yarn dust now...

Yours Truly

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shes very delicious

Puke, puke, puke

"Hey baby, you're so delicious, I just wanna eat you"

"Fine ge, u're looking sexy, wow and those pink lips"

yuck yuck yuck...nasty stuff

This just makes me gag in my mouth.

How do u talk to a lady like that? I am aware that a lotta ladies do welcome that kinda talk but puhleeeeeeeeeez...really guys?...its disrespectful on a million levels. That language is not universal, don't say it to every girl u c. Who's fault is it that the girl was created with pink lips, big hips e.t.c.

What ever happened to clean talk?
Hang out, chill a lil. Gradually...nice compliments like:

U look good in that
Those shoes are pretty

Compliment her personality...every now and then her much of talk on appearance rather than personality begins to show one where ur interest lies.

U look a NO NO

Yours Truly

How he told me...

"He likes you, I over heard him say to X he likes you" says Y

Me:"How'd you know he was talkin bout me?"
Wait, just to confirm, who are we talking about here?"

sum1 u didn't even look 2ce @ u'd start to look out


"Please could you tell her that I like her" - coward, qt? wot wud u say bout this..I'd say MAN UP!...'wtheck?'


(*guys mind) - I like this girl, how do I let her know? ....hmmm (*thinkin', thinkin')

Got it, try being her friend first...

scenario 1:
He over BE's her friend...crosses the line..till he gets to the point of no return, where he because too close to be more than a friend...careful

A girls in a state when she can't even imagine liking the guy...whos fault is that...(prolly shud have said sum'n earlier...hahaha...just kidddin its not alwaiz like that)

scenario 2:
Friend first - "I like u" - we like ourselves - WE DATE ... yay, this guy made it thru...
here's what he did,
He acted normal, investigated his thoughts by chilling with her, keeping the fun alive...(not behaving in a way that you do all her chores, [low description, but I know wot I mean, hope u get me], doing all her chores, YUCK...I h8 stuff like that, when its like you're not a man...somewhat...she says sweep, you sweep, mop, you mop, dance, you dance, I mean...REALLY? its meant to be a partnership not a ...)

while u were chillin on one of those 'hang-outs' (in his mind a strategically constructed 'date' then he asks, 'do u know y I hang out with you so much?'

lol...I luv it wen girls do this; they say: rite, everyone else can c y he hangs out with u...he likes u duh! n u know it, but the answer remains NO, y do u hang out with me?)

He prolly gets a lil shy n writes in on ur palm...u knowing what he wrote, you're shy to read it...but well u do...

and the story continues....

Scenario 2 would only work for sum1 who the girl is interested in...if u don't notice an attraction...y go ahead and ask the poor girl...u're going to be embarrassed and in sum cases she'd feel sorry for u...but the best she'd do is lead u on...which is also bad...
it then becomes a mess...


yours truly

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nasty Habits

Nose Picking,

Ok, maybe those sound a lil TOO nasty but we all do this stuff tho, lets be real. Who doesn't nose pick, the way we nose pick may be different but it doesn't change the fact that we do it.
With a hanky, tissue, lol...u're index finger (which is the worst kind ever), the thumb over one nostril and the rest of the hand folded over the other nostril, while the thumb moves (yeah, u prolly don't get wot I'm tried)...I'm sure there are other nose-picking secrets I just donno about.

Fra-kpass-ing, my personal fave...hahaha...I know it sounds weird...but really underwear gets stuck in your...and you just need to...bcuz its uncomfortable. I'd say just buy the right size of underwear, or better still wear granny pants...and guys wear grandpa boxers...if there's anything like that.

U know guys fraps too rite...
ok, just confirming

Farting...some guys say girls should just never fart, its unthinkable, its not right at all but I mean, a girls gotta let a lil out every now and then. I mean, its unhealthy not to fart...Do you think Beyonce doesn't fart is alwaiz my question...or Halle Berry..

Ok, here's the gist of this post.
When is it ok to reveal
When can you start farting, nose-picking etc...

For one thing, you should mos def not do these things on the first dates...
If you get close enough, you can fart...fart fart fart

So I opened the discussion with my friends
Friend 1:
Nose Pick by 'nose twisting' only after the funny...(trapped the poor guy)
Fra-kpass only after finding out wot his stand is on the matter.
e.g: you're @ the mall, and he sees a girl frapsin and he says thats nasty..well girlfriends, get a clue and take your cue from
Fart only when in a marriage, when he cant ever divorce (lol...this girl is a trapper..but I luv her men more stories on Friend 1 later)

Friend 2:
Nose Pick: Don't be rude about it.
Fraps is A NATURAL TING meyn...
Farting is a SECRET thing...everyone must keep it a secret.

Friend 3:
Abegi jo...when you are comfortable enough around wot u gotta do...


Yours Truly


'Names'; the topic isn't quite descriptive of this post.

I thot of calling it 'pet names' that sounded and still does sound razz.

baby, boo, my heart, my luv, my own, berries, peaches, cupcake, sweetness and the list continues...

Are they qt or just plain 'ewwww-ey'?

I'd say a lil of both. Its a lil weird calling your bf/hubby or gf/wifey boo, sugar, cupcake...but one must admit its adorable and it gives you that goo-eey feeling inside if u know wot I mean.

Personally, I'd say btween the couple is fine but outside sometimes its a lot 'weirder'. I'd feel like...I donno...I mean I can't think of how to explain it.

I'd be
Yeah I said shy...I bet I'm not the only who feels like this @ least I hope not.

My closest friends have Ph.D's in this dept.
They're peaches, roses, boo boo, baby...e.t.c all over the place. really cracks me up.

lol...they're even a step ahead sayin these names in Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, French, Japanese...e.t.c...its a crazy world of 'pet name'( well it is, wot it is) calling out

Ok, back to me, when I was in a relationship, my mind went boo boo, baby n all inside but I just couldn't ever utter the words...I guess its just me...I can't help it...

My mouth would wanna go 'b' but it never did. It was like glued together, taped, infact chained and aphasia (thats an attempt to make it sound like an educated

lol...u go fear aphasia when it comes to sayin'

Ok, now I'm rambling...
Just some thots on 'pet names' - lol, I said it....'pet names'

Infact, pet names, pet names pettt pettt NAMEEEEEEZZZZZ

Yours Truly

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Chapter 41, other regulations
1. Federal Social Security Act,
Federal Social Security Act,
Federal Social Secur.....ok really my mind isn't here, this book is dry. Professional exams are just long and BORING, but a gurls gotta do what a gurls gotta do.

I probably should take a break, 'cause nothing is sinking in. Been here for 'a minute' now...all I'm thinking about is my new crush. Its been so long since I had a crush.

It feels so odd.

Here's the thing, I dated this guy for 2 years but technically it was 4. We kinda deceived ourselves for 2 years, if you know what I mean. Anywaiz the gist is that 'we broke up'...
:(, :)

2 weeks ago, I had a dream and this guy was in it. Funny story, its a guy I never met once in my busy life. How the heck did he get into my dream? Its rather spooky, isn't it?
Well it wasn't spooky for too long. lol. It just so happens that I have seen him before, but never really scrutinized him till recent (after the dream). He's actually kinda qt. Ok, he's really qt...LOL

(can't believe I'm telling y'all this on my first post, this just means I'm going to have to remain anonymous 4eva, I mean it would be way too embarrassing to reveal myself after all of this...LOL)

Anywaiz, being that he's the sort of person that has all his info on the internet...well I guess u know wot this gurl did...
of course I googled him and did a lil bit of research...creepy eh?
well, I do it no more (fingerz crossed*)

It just so happens that he is a christian, which is like a big deal for me...
here's the downside, he's not a devoted christian...(sucks)...

I gosta have a devoted christian in my life...

'do not be UNEVENLY yoked with unbelievers'...

yeah, I know u're prolly thinking he's a believer, wots this babes issue...well re-read the sentence...UNEVENLY...
I'm devoted, he's its not even.


Well, I still have the crush...
Tryna figure out wot to do with it...

yours truly


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